• Here's a tip: When a category is added to a Category Page, you have to be really careful about what you put there. A lot of people think that it means "some of the characters in this category are also this other category I just added". What it really means is "all of the characters here are also in this other category".

    A little bit ago, you added the "Heroes" category to the category page for Egomaniacs. You probably meant that some Egomaniacs are also Heroes. But because it's on a category page, that means every Egomaniac is also a Hero. I took it out and four others that a different person included last year.

    If you'd like to see more info on this, check the "Understanding categories" help page I wrote on Community Central.

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    • There's a differences Egomaniacs in Heroes and Egotist in Villains, which is why I already figure it out.

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