• Lady Satsuki has come back to this wiki a few times during the past few months under several accounts, continuing her same disruptive behavior as during the past two years. What she normally does is take a page she doesn't like, renames it and then overwrites it with content taken from another wiki for that new name, then she goes to the redirect that was left behind and puts a copy in of how the page was before she changed it.

    This has two effects: it makes it look like she is the sole author of the first page and it makes the edits by all of the other people invalid on the second page. Sometimes she'll take the first page and move it again to a third name and repeat the process.

    I can repair the damage she's done, but because she's going back to the original page and editing or moving it again, moving things back to the original page name is locked out to non-admins. Content Moderator rights should be enough to get by that.

    I also requested Discussions Moderator rights so I would be able to delete some of the harassing and threatening messages she's leaving for other users.

    Let me know if this will work for you.

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    • There's been a lot of problems on this wiki leading to some garbage wiki which include un-attributed articles that needs to be attributed, information that doesn't make sense at all lately. So I'm obviously going to grant you admin for my help.

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