• Hi, I am requesting you should block this user , because in the male and female categories he was inserting inappropiate information about body parts and also was adding false information that Dory is a lesbian. Me and another user have removed everything. Thanks!



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    • I took care of it, thank you for letting me know.

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    • No problem, but I'm afraid were experiencing the same issues, another issue is doing much the same thing as the other user you blocked did before,

      Here's vandalism I found:

      Added the "Gay" category on the Spongebob page and the same for Stanley Griff.

      Also for Bubbles (PPG 1998) added repetive categories adding that she's an idiot and a dimwit.

      Before you block him, you probably should leavehim a message on his wall because, as of now I do not exactly no for sure if it's really the truth or if he really just made it up. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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