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Thomas is a supporting character of the 1995 Disney animated film, Pocahontas.

He was voiced by Christian Bale who also portrayed Batman in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy.


He is a young settler who serves Ratcliffe as well as John Smith's best friend and companion during the trip to Jamestown. Loyal and helpful, he remains uncompetent, coming from a poor background and often hesitates in his choices. Despite this, he will manage to gain confidence in himself at the end of the film and stand up to the Governor who shot John and will have him arrested before assuming the role of leader for the settlers.


Thomas first appears when he says goodbye to his family before boarding the ship where he meets Ben, Lon and Smith. He then travels to the New World with them and is also saved from drowning by Smith.

In Jamestown, he digs with the other settlers for gold, but informs Ratcliffe that there is only dirt. Then he helps repel an Indian attack and is reprimanded by the Governor for nearly shooting him, stumbling. Later, Thomas is the first to see that Smith is not in his normal state when he meets the Native, Pocahontas.

The same evening, he discreetly follows Smith out of the camp where he sees him kissing Pocahontas. When the jealous Kocoum attacks the man, Thomas takes action and shoots the Indian, killing him instantly. Regretting what he has done, Smith tells him to return to the encampment and Smith allows himself to be captured by the tribe. Thomas runs to alert the settlers who arm themselves and go to face the Indians who are also on their way. As Chief Powhatan prepares to kill Smith, Pocahontas steps in and eases tensions between the two camps. Stubbornly, Ratcliffe attempts to kill Chief Powhatan but Smith intervenes and takes the bullet, making Thomas and the settlers believe he did it on purpose. Thomas then had the Governor arrested and ran to see Smith who was being treated by the Natives. He is last seen pushing the dinghy that carries Smith to the ship, while he remains in Jamestown.


  • Christian Bale, Thomas' voice actor, also plays John Rolfe, in the Pocahontas sequel.