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The Wizard is a character from the tv show Looney Tunes Show, he appears on the episode Sunday Night Slice on its "Merrie Melodies", and is portrayed by Daffy Duck.

Role in the series

The Wizard appears on a Merrie Melody of the show and is the main character of the song, he first appears as a protector and a strong spell caster. The song shows the audience all the powers of The Wizard and at the same time shows the goofiness of his real self Daffy Duck. The song also had short story where The Wizard battles a creature who is protecting the prison of The Wizard's love interest, The Wizard defeated it by summoning a black hole, and the story ended with a kiss. The song played again and shows The Wizard seeking for a snack in a pub, and ending the song by making the water jump with his Hydrokinesis.

Physical Appearance

The Wizard is Daffy Duck wearing a brown cloak and a helmet on his head and he carries his staff.


  • He is actually just Daffy Duck who is dreaming himself to be an all powerful Wizard.
  • He is the strongest being in the entire show.