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She comes from the superhero comic Supreme, ”Alan Moore’s run on Supreme” and is one the villains from the Hell of Mirrors. It is a prison for the most powerful and vicious criminals. Melinda Gebbie, Alan Moore's wife, came with the idea.


The Slaver Ant is an alien insect-humanoid who appears as a bald, slender and gorgeous looking woman that has distinct features from ant anatomy such as having a shiny exoskeleton, compound eyes, and stripes on each limb. Her whole body is colored in a pink-purple pigment, which can represent the colors of the character. She has also long thin antennas and small pointy ears. She also walks in high-heels which it's part of her feet. She also does not wear any clothes in public. 

(Aside looking simply naked, the naughty parts are not visible and the butt is instead a gaster from the insect anatomy). 


Slaver Ant is calm, decorous but non-aggressive, foolish and poorly oriented in earthly regiments. For example, having abducted nine babies in Supreme: the Return No. 1, she took them to an old warehouse she gently asked the toddlers to chew newspapers to create nest material. However, she got caught by her own formic acid. She is straightforward with what she desires and that is to kidnap children and raise them as her servants and establish their own swarm. She gets really eager when she thinks about children. They are easy targets for her to take because children can be manipulated easily with her powers of chemical secretions. It makes the children believe that she is their own mother and she would raise them but not with genuine care. She said that ”there’s no point getting too attached” and she would call the children by special number instead of their real surnames.    


She is able to secrete green mucus from the hands, affecting the behavior of others. For example, the “pheromone of propaganda” forces those tagged to attack each other. Slaver Ant does not fight but uses the secrete to defend herself with. She is also able to climb on walls, as expected, but she does it casually, walking like normally as on land.