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The Jackals

The Jackals are the secondary antagonists in the animated movie, The Adventures Of The American Rabbit. They are Vultor's henchmen who ride on motorcycles and also terrorize and torture innocent animals just for fun.

They first appeared when they picked on Rob. While Rob got a new job at the Pandamoniun, the Jackals barged in and offered an insurance policy for Teddy, but he refused. Then on the night of the Pandamonium, the Jackals crashed in, destroying chairs, glasses, and everything else, thus destroying the Pandamonium.

Then the Jackals offered a gorilla named Ping-Pong to join the forces of evil, but the gorilla refused. The Jackals attempt to drown Ping-Pong, but the American Rabbit (aka Rob) rescues him.

The Jackals poured gasoline on a ship and burned the ship. Luckily, the American Rabbit and his friends escaped before the ship explodes. The American Rabbit overheard the Jackal's evil plans. When the Jackals and their boss, Vultor, arrived in San Francisco, they kidnapped the Chocolate Moose and his son. The villainous gang wanted to sell chocolates with everybody, but the townspeople refused and turned against the Jackals. Vultor angrilly curses the Jackals and dismisses them as traitors. The Jackals were never seen again after this.