The Grunt Brothers, Attila, Caeser, and Nepoleon are three triplet brother characters in the series, Mini Wolf

Physical Characteristics

The Grunt Brothers are three young male anthropomorphic boars or warthogs, all of whom are each other's brothers. They all wear green pants and black and white shoes but each wears a different colored shirt:

  • Attila wears a yellow shirt with an X.
  • Caeser wears a blue shirt with a lightning symbol.
  • Napoleon wears an orange shirt with a skull on it.

Caeser's voice is deeper than that of his brothers and Atilla's voice is the highest.


Additional Information

Besides being each other's brothers, the Grunt Brothers are also bullies that like to bully and make trouble for other children.

In the episode "Behind Every Grunt There's... Another Grunt" ("Un Grognard Peut En Cacher... In Autre,") it is revealed that Caeser is the nicest of the Grunt Brothers and befriends Mini Wolf, much to the displeasure of his brothers! Caeser, however, demands Mini Wolf keep their friendship a secret!

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