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The Collection is a puppet that was made of pieces of puppets that were in Nickolaus's collection. After Neil Gallagher had shot and killed Nickolaus, his soul was placed into this misshapen puppet by Anapa.


He has the body of the Indian Puppet and the head of Blitzkreig (but with blue eyes instead of red) and his right arm is Tank's laser cannon and his left arm is from Weremacht. On his chest are Bombshell's breast mounted machine guns and attached to his right hip is a cannon also from Blitzkreig and on his left side are some shurikens from Ninja.


Shortly after Nickolaus's death, Anapa's puppet had used his powers to scramble together pieces of the puppets from his collection into a hybrid puppet that he had named The Collection and he placed Nickolaus soul into it to grant it life. After this The Collection became loyal to Anapa and was sent, along with the other puppets under his command, to Bodega Bay Inn to kill as many of the guests staying there as possible, a Anapa had chosen that hotel as ground zero for his ultimate destruction plot and each death under his influence causes him to become stronger. At the hotel Anthony Gallagher and Andre Toulon (who was in a new human body) arrived and had managed to free the main puppets from Anapa's control and used them to fight the evil ones. The Collection used his electric beams, shurikens, chest and hip mounted turrets to fire at Toulon's puppets, but they had managed to escape unharmed by hiding behind furniture, Six-Shooter also tried to retaliate but it was usless as his small bullets would just bounce off of his metal helmet.

After running out of ammo Six-Shooter was then vulnerable to The Collection's next attack, but Tunneler crept up behind him and drilled into the turret mounted on his hip, which caused it to explode and set him on fire. Meanwhile Anapa's soul had left his puppet body and jumped into Anthony, which caused him to mutate into a large demon monster, and Neil had stabbed Toulon in the chest, which resulted in him bleeding to death. Toulon then took that opportunity to take back his Decapitron puppet and run into a storage room, where he had hid the Gayer-Anderson Cat statue, that had a secret compartment in the side of it with a special Pharaoh head with a soul erasing crystal embedded in its forehead. Toulon had placed this head onto Decapitron and then bled to death into it and transferred his soul back into it. Meanwhile Blade and Kahn were struggling to fight off The Collection, when Decapitron used his soul erasing power to destroy him. The Collection was dead after this and Nickolaus's soul was erased from existence forever, but Kahn had also been in too close proximity and also suffered the exact same fate.


  • The only puppet not used to make the collection is Freak