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Thackery Binx is a minor character in the 1993 Disney horror comedy film "Hocus Pocus." He was once a human being, before he was turned into a immortal cat, because he tried to save his only younger sister, Emily "Lily" Binx, from Winnie "Winifred" Sanderson and her sisters. 300 years later, he encountered Maxwell "Max" Dennison, Danny "Daniel" Dennison, and Allison. Max had brought the Sanderson sisters back from the grave, and Binx said he had always expected that some air-headed virgin would light the Black Flame Candle, which prompted Danny to call Max "Air-head." Binx becomes instant friends with Danny, and in the end, is finally reunited with his younger sister. It is shown that he loved his younger sister, because he told Max that he would never know how much she means to him, until he loses her. He is voiced by Jason Marsden, who is well known for voicing Goofy's son Max Goof, Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown series, Jerry Rassic and Windsor from Code Name: Kids Next Door, Nermal from Garfield series, Haku from Spirited Away, and Michael from Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.