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Tetsuya Ida is a character in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


A mature man wearing dark glasses and a suit that has come and gone in various times. Before the ruin, he was a part-time lecturer at Sakura High School in 2064 and was a class teacher for Ryoko Shinonome. Pull Shinonome and Ei Sekigahara into the Battle Field. At the time of the Monster invasion, he was an operator with Chihiro Morimura and Renya Gouto. In 1985, he served as the director of a secretly spy institution/information agency, which was secretly set up by the government, and used Yuki Takamiya and his black suits to explore the secrets of Shikishima, which are believed to be hidden at Sakura High School. It was There is a trust and cooperation relationship with Morimura, but there seems to be a different intention from Morimura.

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