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This template is used to generate a citation from a web page in a list of references in a page (especially an article).

Minimal usage with only required parameters:

{{cite web|<url=webpage's full URL>|<title=webpage's full title>}}

Full usage with full list of parameters:

{{cite web
|<author=full name(s) of author(s)>
|<last=author's last name (if author= not used)>
|<first=author's first name (if author= not used)>
|<url=webpage's full URL>
|<title=webpage's full title>
|<language=webpage's language (assumed to be English if omitted)>
|<format=webpage's format (DOC, PDF, etc.; assume HTML if omitted)>
|<work=website's section in which this webpage is found>
|<publisher=webpage's publisher/website>
|<date=date webpage was published>
|<page=web document's page (singular) consulted (DOC/PDF)>
|<pages=web document's pages (plural) consulted (DOC/PDF)>
|<accessdate=date webpage was consulted for this citation>
|<archiveurl=URL of webpage's archived copy (in case webpage was taken offline or substantially modified)>
|<archivedate=date on which webpage's archived copy was made>
|<deadurl=yes or no>

"Fictional Characters Wiki".

{{cite web|url=|title=Fictional Characters Wiki}}

"George P. Burdell for Time's Person of the Year". BUZZwords. Georgia Tech Alumni Association, 2002-01-02. Retrieved 2007-03-05; archived from the original on 2013-10-29.

{{cite web
|title=George P. Burdell for Time's Person of the Year
|publisher=Georgia Tech Alumni Association

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