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Theodore "Teddy" is a carpenter, handyman, and Bob's best friend. He is a frequent diner at the restaurant.


Teddy is a burly man in his 40s. He has tan skin and has a shaved head with a 5 o'clock shadow. He wears a blue button-down with rolled up sleeves, a white T-shirt underneath and brown cargo pants. In one episode, he is seen wearing a customised work jumpsuit. He stands at 6', but due to his bad posture, he makes himself about 5'10".

Teddy wears a gray beanie at all times. It is revealed in Sea Me Now that this is because he feels self-conscious about the back of his head due to his ex-wife Denise said the back of his head looks like a butt.


While kind-hearted as well as a loyal customer and family friend, Teddy is known for telling long winded stories and invading Bob's personal space.. Teddy is something of a "sad-sack", he is a desperate, divorced and lonely individual with few social skills longing for companionship and a family of is own. Because of this he desperately wants to be part of the Belcher family and is often inserting himself into their personal lives. He frequents Bob's Burgers in order to have someone to talk to because he is lonely.

Teddy has many fears and anxieties, the greatest of which he claims to be costumed characters and their "soulless eyes," after an incident with his ex-wife. He also has a hot temper, and has been seen to fly off the handle in defense of those he loves, but always seems to express immediate regret. He sees a Therapist, Dr. Marjorie, for this and other concerns. According to Teddy "Dr. Marjorie says if I don't value my time, nobody else will".

Teddy will eat anything, and notoriously eats a sponge in "The Unnatural". Teddy eats a burger every day (Friends with Burger-fits) and is resultantly in poor health. Though occasional references are made throughout the series to Teddy's weight and health, it is the focus of the Season 5 episode "Friends with Burger-fits."