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Tatsumi Kagura for Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo Bewitched Agnes

Agnes Bell is a Character of Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo: Bewitched Agnes (奥さまは魔法少女 Bewitched Agnes, literally My Wife is a Magical Girl: Bewitched Agnes).


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 22


Ureshiko Asaba's Boarder. Due to an injury to Leg, he abandoned Dream, a track and field athlete, and now lives in Ureshiko's Home for job hunting. I work part-time at Kashiwa Publishing. Clumsy and clumsy. Ureshiko got into a trouble with Tamotsu Asaba because he knew that he was a married woman and he liked Ureshiko, so he was forced to put his hand on another Woman. In the Final Episode, Tamotsu's new party was announced in front of the public with Ureshiko as his own, and he was beaten as much as he could.


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