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Definition of reformed and hero

I have removed a couple of categories from Whitey's page because they don't apply and are assumptions. Specifically, they are assuming that "no longer doing someting bad must mean that they are reformed and/or a hero". That's not the case for Whitey because we don't know what happened to him.

In order to reform, not only would Whitey have to be confronted with information that makes him re-think the type of life he leads and the choices he makes, we have to see him take those steps towards a new life with new behavior. Likewise, in order to be a hero, we have to see him performing actions that are definitely heroic.

Does Whitey reform or become a hero? No, because the story ends before that could happen. All we see is that he stops being bad. Stopping being bad does not equal being reformed and it does not mean you're a hero. We have to see the evidence that Whitey took those extra steps to reform and to be a hero.

Flushed Away is Roddy's and Rita's story. If we saw Whitey do things that are clearly reforming and clearly being heroic, then that moves the story away from Roddy and Rita into becoming Whitey's story. —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 03:05, March 28, 2017 (UTC)