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Takatoshi Hijiyama is a Protagonist is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


Hair is a slightly long Boy. A straightforward and masculine personality. In 1944, he was trained as a crew candidate for Japan Army's Soldier. Also a candidate, Keitaro Miura, is a senior in the same country. I fell in love with a beautiful girl for the first time, but she was told that her identity was a boy named Tukasa Okino. Unbelievable, Takatoshi Hijiyama forcibly follows a strange Boy (Ei Sekigahara) to chase Okino, and slips into time in 1985. I like the yakisoba bread that was given to a girl whose name I didn't even know when I was starving (later known as Megumi Yakushiji). In the future world, he searches for Okino for half a year and earns a living by hiring a day, but he trades with Okino whom he met again one day to return to the past. She is swayed by Okino because she is fascinated by her appearance as a woman, but she isn't so lazy. Machine Soldier's Activation Marker is Left for earm.

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