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Sweetie Candy Ribbon is Lalaloopsy Land's very own taffy enthusiast. She has a real sweet tooth and her favorite candy is fruit flavored taffy. She loves to stretch it long and thin so all her friends can have a piece. She loves to play with her pet dog. Sweetie is the older sister of little Lolly Candy Ribbon. Her name comes from the sweetness of candy, as well as the things candies come packaged in - candy ribbons!


Sweetie is a fair-skinned girl with black button eyes and pink swirled cheeks. Her hair is very curly and styled into two, other-looking pigtails held by bright yellow bows. One pigtail is orange-red while the other is pink. Hanging from each pigtail and bow is a thick curled section of hair.

Sweetie wears a dress consisting of a very shiny top and pink balloon-sleeves. Around her waist is a white belt with pink and yellow candy print, while her skirt is in two big tutu-layers, one being pastel orange and the other pink. For shoes, Sweetie wears one pink sneaker, and one orange sneaker. Both of which have white socks and yellow laces.