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Suzuko Yamazaki is a character from hentai series Rinkan Club (or The Group Sex Club), and from the CG-game (Rinkan Kurabu)(Lilith-Izm03 ~If Story Hen~). She is a teacher. She is cautious, confident and serious.


A beautiful Hayashikogakuin teacher. An active teacher in charge of Japanese history and sponsor yoga circles on campus. She comes from Hayashikoku, but when she was a student, she went to Tokyo to attend a university in Tokyo. Even if she finds a job in a private school in Tokyo, she hides at home when she gets sick and she teaches Hayashikogakuin while taking care of my mother. Perhaps he is responsible for a long life in Tokyo, a more urban and sophisticated atmosphere than urban women and many adult students. In addition, there is a yoga class and an instructor qualification, there are not many female students, but also their mothers and sisters have become an urban community beyond the activities of the club. It is a child born and raised by his mother during a ceremony. His father is unknown to the rinkan club. However, she was my life and admired the indecent rituals passed on to the city.


Everything is happening in the city of Hayashikoshi City. It’s a village surrounded by mountains on all sides. When she was a child, she saw her mother raped by the Rinkan Club and her mother finally die of this ritual. She has an husband in Tokyo and lived in Tokyo but she decided to come back at Hayashikoshi to end the Rinkan Club. She became teacher and yogo teacher in the highs school of the village. She was trapped by Mikoto and raped by the Rinkan Club. She had to do class while have dildo on her. She seems to care about Shiori Nakamura. She finally succeed to obtain the documents to trap Tamura Motoko and made her the new priestess. She become a sort of new president of Rinkan Club and keep the tradition of Rinkan Club, because she change her mind.

Physical description

Hair: Parted to Side, Short, Sidehair, Violet

Eyes: Violet

Body: Body Piercing, E+ Cup, Linked Piercings, Makeup, Pale, Young-adult

Clothes: Ankle-Strap Shoes, Blouse, Collar, Court Shoes, Crop Top, Dog Tags, Glasses, High Heels, Shorts, Skirt


Katsuragi Maki: Her student she has good relation with her

Aiko Katsuragi She never talk to her, but she fap to her and know her husband who works with her

Tamura Motoko: Her stepsister and also her enemy. She hates her and turned her into a priestess of Rinkan Club.

Katsuragi Toshio: He is teacher in the same school, they saw both the record of her wife.

Voice actor

She is dubbed by Nakase Hina



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