Susua Palpaleos

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Susua Palpaleos is a Main Character of Bahamut Lagoon.


General of Granbelos Empire. Real name Susua Palpaleos. Emperor Sauzer's personal guard is the guard of the Guard and the cross knight, and he is also a general with an outstanding strategic eye. Seen as Emperor's right arm, Sauzer's most dependable figure. A childhood friend of Sauzer, he was active as a lieutenant officer of Palpaleos from the age of mercenary. Princess Yoyo was in charge of Yoyo when he was arrested, and he became in love during the conversation. Because he had a rude personality and a hobby, he talked about tactics when talking to Yoyo. Later he left Granbelos Empire at Sauzer's order and joined Rebels. It seems that Palpaleos was trying to blend in as quickly as possible, but there were places where people's hearts were subtle and there was repeated careless behavior in Fahrenheit, and Yoyo was involved in Matelite and other people. After the war, I couldn't abandon Granbelos Empire, which was devastated by a series of political turmoil, so I decided to part with Yoyo. He returns to rebuild his country, but the people have already become mobs and there is a strong momentum of rebellion, and he realizes that he has lost his place here, but it is already too late. Instead of resisting the evil blade of the mob who is responsible for the defeat, he receives his own blade and scatters his life.

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