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Sun Hi44

"I'm here because I've been kicked out of every school I ever went to. This is an amazing chance for me to live my life. Live my dream, and make something of myself."

  • Sun Hi in Duet

Sun Hi Song is the main protagonist in Make It Pop. A funky, free spirit and self-proclaimed star on the rise, Sun Hi is one of a kind. Accompanied by her one true love - her phone - she constantly blogs to the "Sun Hi Nation," updating them on everything and everybody in her life. When she discovers her magical connection with Jodi, Corki, and Caleb, her dreams seems even more within reach. Fueled by her need for fame and social media attention, Sun Hi's behavior causes all sorts of mayhem. A result of that is her initial rivalry with Corki due to the fact that Sun-Hi's parents wanted her personality to be more like Corki's. One thing is certain, this girl has little time for homework or boys, but who needs that stuff when you're the next pop sensation?

Sun Hi Song is portrayed by Lennette.


  • Her (possible) favorite store/brand is Justice and she often wear Justice clothes in most episodes.


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