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Sumo is a character from Clarence.

Sumo is also Clarence's best friend and the deuteragonist of Clarence.


  • Sumo has -5 buddy stars in "Clarence's Millions,".
  • Sumo is less wild, and noticeably more smart and serious in "Jeff's New Toy".
  • He has a yellow backpack as seen in some episodes.
  • In "Rough Riders Elementary", it's revealed that his real name is Ryan.
  • Sumo is the only one in the trio that has ears, which Clarence and Jeff lacks.
  • Sumo is shown to throw out a punch whenever someone wakes him up. This was shown in "Jeff's New Toy", and again in "Nothing Ventured".

Sumo has 12 siblings; 9 young brothers, 2 older brothers and one sister.

  • Sumo finds math and tests boring.
  • For some reason, Sumo sometimes flips out while hearing squeaky noises, causing him to distort outlines.
    • This happens in episodes such as "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend", "Lil' Buddy", and "Tuckered Boys".
  • "Nature Clarence" was the only episode Sumo had a supporting role.
  • Sumo sometimes goes crazy and acts like a wild animal in several episodes.
  • In "Bird Boy Man", he is the 2nd character to be shown nude.
    • First being Clarence in "Goose Chase".
  • In "Dream Boat", Sumo's last name was "Sumozski", but however in "Space Race", it is spelled as "Sumouski", while in "Sumo Goes West", his last name is "Sumowski". It is unknown if this is a spelling error.
    • This led to some minor confusion and controversy in regarding to the last name changes, that had affect two other characters as well, such as Clarence, (who went from Wendell to Wendle), and Jeff, (who went from Randall to Randell).
  • Starting in "Sumo Goes West", Sumo no longer goes to Aberdale Elementary, and has started going to West Aberdale Elementary instead. This is due to the mayor drawing a line on the middle of the city map, eliminating Sumo and two other kids from the school
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