Suicide German Kid or suicidegermankid.avi is a lost episode concerning Leopold Slikk made by TheAGKMisadventures which international he is a parody of Suicide Mouse from Mickey Mouse's lost episode on 1930's by Disney. 


Although many videos of this cartoon appear in Youtube and other video-sharing sites almost all of them have been proven to be hoaxes (including the one shown on this article).Despite this, there are people who geniunely believe Suicidegermankid.avi exists in some form of Suicidemouse.avi parody, though the idea of Satanic or supernatural forces is perhaps invented by the creepypasta community - to add to what is already a disturbing topic.The video is named Suicidegermankid.avi due to a common belief that it holds a horrible curse that causes those who watch it the whole way through to become suicidal and/or suffer a mental breakdown. As of yet there has been no record of this ever actually happening to anyone (outside urban legends) so is probably another invention told to enhance the "fear factor".

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