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Sugar is determined to be crowned queen of the pageant known as Total Drama. She is used to the life of competition and beauty and has exhibited impressive game strategies despite her lack of brainpower. She's fearless, strong, and is always willing to try new and unusual things, as shown by her claim that she's thrown a tractor before, and her also eating a tarantula with no hesitation. When Sugar doesn't get her way, she can be quite abrasive and harsh, which is shown through her conflict with Ella, in which she would constantly laugh at her torture and misfortune.

Due to the pageant life, Sugar seems to be suspicious of others, as she can not recognize true kindness and is willing to tell lies in order to manipulate others. This makes it difficult for her to make friends, which she does not seem to have an issue with. She has trouble distinguishing fact from fiction, as she believes Leonard to be a real wizard and Max to be a real evil genius. Despite this, Sugar is not all bad; as Sky says, Sugar is good at staying positive, even the darkest of situations.


  • Sugar is one of four grey zone characters of Pahkitew island , with the three others being Topher , Max and Dave.