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Striker is a supporting antagonist in Helluva Boss. He is an assassin who was hired by Stella to kill Stolas for cheating on her with Blitzo at the festival, and an former farmhand of Rough n' Tumbleweed Ranch at the Wrath Ring of Hell.


Physical appearance

He is an tall, southern cowboy Imp with pale reddish skin, bright yellow eyes with greenish rings, a small black mustache, ivory white hair with a pair of horns striped black and white (his horns pointed upward and its pattern more jagged), with a very long tail, has four black striped at the base, with eight spines lined up on them, and one on his tail fork.

He wore a large greyish sun hat, a light red scarf around his neck, a black turtleneck shirt accompanied by a dark greyish vest, over it is a light grayish jacket with dark grayish cuffs and blackish tassels below. Has black fingerless gloves and ivory white pants with ripped thighs, cowboy boots, and sometimes holding a straw of wheat on his mouth.