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Strike was the main antagonist of "Crossover Nexus", which was his first and only appearance.


"K.O.: What⁉, me I-I'm still just a hero in training.
Strike: Yeah, I don't care."

  • Strike preparing to blast K.O..

"If these heroes don't want to stay and play, I'll just have to pin them down."

  • Strike sending his blaster to hunt down the heroes.

"Four-Arms: What is it waiting for?
Strike: (Laughs) Me.
Four-Arms: What⁉
Strike: I programmed old blasty here to corner you—not to destroy you.
Four-Arms: Oh. Phew!
Strike: (Chuckles) I'm gonna do that myself."

  • Strike after cornering the heroes.

"And now to start my incredibly long, un-interruptible power-up sequence. Ra-a-a-a-a-a..."

  • Strike powering up.

"...a-a-a-ah‼ There. Fully powered and ready to face heroes who are powerless. Now...huh? Where'd they go?"

  • Strike upon finishing his powering up sequence.

"Oh, there you are. Ha! Goody. Now, perish! Wah‼"

  • Strike facing the heroes for the last time.