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Stiles Stilinski is a main character of the MTV's show Teen Wolf. He is Scott McCall's best friend, Lydia Martin's boyfriend and Sheriff Stilinski's son. He is also mainly the comic relief of the show.

He was portrayed by Dylan O'Brien who also played Thomas in The Maze Runner series.


In Season 1, Stiles drags Scott into the forest in the middle of the night to find a half body of a woman. It was after that that Scott was bitten and he became a werewolf. Hearing this, Stiles gets excited and helps Scott get his powers and anger under control in public. At the end of the season, he helps fight the Alpha who bit Scott along with the others.

In Season 2, he helps unravel the mystery of Kanima and find out who he is and who controls him. He is taken prisoner with his friends at the police station by Matt who turns out to be the Master of Kanima but Gerard takes back his power.

In Season 3, Stiles helps solve the mystery of Darach and human sacrifices. In the second half of the season, he is possessed by the Nogitsune who aims to spread chaos throughout Beacon Hills. Fortunately, Stiles recovers some of his humanity and the Nogitsune is ultimately destroyed by the scream of Lydia who is a Banshee.

In Season 6, Stiles is erased from reality by the Ghost Riders but returns thanks to a rift in the train station created by Lydia. In the second part of the season, he goes to Washington for an internship with the FBI. In the finale, he returns to help Scott and his friends defeat the Werewolf Hunters and the Anuk-Ite.