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Stella is a snow goose and supporting character in Balto 3: Wings of Change. She is the beautiful female goose that catches Boris' eye.

Stella is voiced by Jean Smart.


Balto III: Wings of Change[]

Stella is a female snow goose that Boris has a crush on Stella was migrating when she met Boris. Boris instantly fell in love with her, but he was unwilling to reveal to her his fear of heights. So he tried to stall her an anyway he could.

Eventually, Stella heard him talking to Balto about how he fibbed to her later on. Furious, she forced Boris into Duke's plane. Duke's plane crashed with Boris in it. Stella, along Balto and Muk and Luk, set out to find Boris.

Later, Stella encountered Boris about why he fibbed to her and he confessed about his fear of heights. They reconcile, become boyfriend and girlfriend and go for a moonlight swim.