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Starlight Glimmer is one of the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is an unicorn, like Rarity and Sunset Shimmer. She is voiced by French Montana, Jadakiss, J.Cole. Wale & Kirko Bangz, who also voiced Jeremih in Equestria Girls: Friendship Games.


  • Firelight (father)
  • Mrs. Glimmer (mother)



  • Dave "David" the Intern
  • Lightning Bolt Society


While vacationing in Southern California with her parents, Starlight stowed away on a yacht bearing the name, Lightning Bolt Society. Dave the Intern (Roger Craig Smith), but one of Dave's followers discovered her soon after the ship left port and Dave informed immediately. Upon his arrival, Dave found his followers beaten into a pulps and strewn around the ship as if it was hit by a hurricane. She threatened that she would goes berserk again if he did not accept her challenge. As Dave laughs evilly, he promises to build the amusement park of her dreams if she wins the tournament.

Ending description

Dave the Intern keeps his promise, and builds Starlight a theme park. Starlight and her friends imagines a place full of happiness and color named "Equestria Land". However, when her daydream ends, Dave the Intern unveils the real theme park, which is a gloomy he calls "Dave the Intern Land". Dave the Intern laughs maniacally. Enraged, Starlight gets mad at him and angrily beats up Dave the Intern, yelling "Maggot".


  • Her color schemes is similar to that of Aria Blaze (Diana Kaarina) in Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks and Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass.