Princess Star Butterfly

Star Butterfly is the main protagonist of the Disney animated TV series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is voiced by Eden Sher.

Background Information

Star Butterfly is a regally and unbearably beautiful and extremely cute intergalactic princess from the Kingdom of Mewni, who has been sent to Earth by her parents to live a normal life, after many years of fighting evil in space. While on earth she lives with the Diaz family, and takes Marco Diaz on adventures in other dimensions, and in battles with monsters.


Star has her long blond hair, and hearts on her cheeks. She wears a elegant blue dress with puffy light blue sleeves with dark blue strings around them, a medium blue vest with a darker blue trim and gold buttons, a blue puffy skirt with light blue ornaments and two strings with several hearts, a gold tiara, white socks and black shoes with light blue puffs on the toes.


(At the beginning of the episode, the first scene of "Star Comes to Earth" was shown)
(narrating) "Far, far away, in a magical land called Mewni, lived a princess – Star Butterfly."
Star: "Rail slide!"
(Star Butterfly slides down the staircase rail and breaks a floating crystal decoration. The portrait falls on top of her. She rips through it as she stands up, and the chandelier tilts.)
(narrating) "Some people have called me reckless and irresponsible just because..."
(Cut to interior of a cave, where Star fights monsters.)
(narrating) "I fight monsters..."
(Cut to shot of a unicorn drinking from a creek.)
(narrating) "...and tame wild unicorns."
(Star lands on the unicorn's back, and the unicorn rears up.)
Star: "YEE-HAW!!!!"
(Star rides the unicorn through Mewni, scaring some of the civilians.)
(narrating) "I like to have fun! And I'm about to have a whole lot more because today is my 14th birthday! And according to tradition, my mom the queen has to bestow upon me our greatest family heirloom: the royal magic wand!"
(King and Queen Butterfly wait for Star in the throne room. The audience looks to the doors. Just before the guards open them, Star and the unicorn crash through, scaring the audience. As the unicorn crashes through the rear wall, Star jumps off and lands by her parents. Star panting excitedly.)
Moon: "Now, Star, this wand is a big responsibility. If it falls into the hands of evil forces, the universe could be
(Star takes the wand from Queen Butterfly, and it magically changes from a royal scepter form to a light purple form with white wings.)
(gasps) "Don't worry, Mom. I can--" (Star suddenly popped her eyes open, looking at the wand) "Uhhhh… hang on. My wand's already been used up!"
Moon: Huh? Star, what are you talking about? No it isn't.
Star: "Yes it i--!" (Star gasps as she remembers the scenes from Star Comes to Earth, Party With a Pony, Match Maker, School Spirit, Monster Arm, The Other Exchange Student, Cheer Up, Star, Quest Buy, Diaz Family Vacation, Brittney's Party, Mewberty, Pixtopia, Lobster Claws, Sleep Spells, Blood Moon Ball, Fortune Cookies, Freeze Day, Royal Pain, St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, Mewnipendance Day, The Banagic Incident, Interdimensional Field Trip, Marco Grows a Beard, Storm the Castle, My New Wand!, Mr. Candle Cares, Red Belt, Star on Wheels, Fetch, Star vs. Echo Creek, Wand to Wand, Starstruck, Camping Trip, Starsitting, Goblin Dogs, By the Book, Game of Flags, Girls' Day Out, Sleepover, Gift of the Card, Friendenemies, Hungry Larry, Into the Wand, Pizza Thing, Page Turner, Naysaya, Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Raid the Cave, Trickstar, Baby, Running with Scissors, Mathmagic, The Bounce Lounge, a scene before the events of Crystal Clear, Heinous, Collateral Damage, Just Friends, Face the Music, Starcrushed, Return to Mewni, Moon the Undaunted, a scene after the events of Marco and the King, Puddle Defender, Toffee, Scent of a Hoodie, Rest in Pudding, Club Snubbed, Stranger Danger, Demoncism, Lint Catcher, Trial by Squire, Princess Turdina, Starfari, Sweet Dreams, Lava Lake Beach, Death Peck, Ponymonium, Deep Dive, Monster Bash, Stump Day, Holiday Spellcial, The Bogbeast of Boggabah, Total Eclipsa the Moon, Butterfly Trap, a scene during the events of Is Another Mystery, Marco Jr., Skooled!, Booth Buddies, Bam Ui Pati!, Tough Love, Divide, Conquer, Butterfly Follies, Escape from the Pie Folk, Moon Remembers, Swim Suit, Ransomgram, Lake House Fever, Yada Yada Berries, The Ponyhead Show!, Surviving the Spiderbites, Out of Business, Curse of the Blood Moon, Cornball!, The Knight Shift, Queen-Napped, Junkin' Janna, The Monster and the Queen, Cornonation, Doop-Doop, Britta's Tacos, Beach Day, Gone Baby Gone, Sad Teen Hotline, Jannanigans, Mama Star, Ready, Aim, Fire, The Right Way, Here to Help, Pizza Party, The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse and Cleaved)
—After reciving the royal magic wand in "Star Comes to Earth", Star remembers at the beginning of Cleaved.


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