Stacy Stickler is the main protagonist of Stickin' Around. She is voiced by Ashley Taylor.


Stacy is the 8-year-old quiet but grumpy girl that is friends with Bradley and they have three people they also hang with named Dill, Polly, and Melody, which are their friends and they are in a member group with them. She also loves imagining many certain things with Bradley and sometimes her friends appear in their imaginations. She sometimes helps Bradley with his crazy ideas, even though she doesn't go along with them. She has a not-so-good at fixing father named Stanley who doesn't know how to correctly fix things, she also has a sweet mother named Stella who loves fashion and doesn't like her daughter and Bradley's imaginations even though she cared for her daughter, she also has a wiener dog named Frank who is mostly bloated and never goes on a diet, minus the one episode Jumbo Frank. She often says "For your big-fat information" and "Real mature, Bradley". She sometimes serves as the voice of reason for Bradley's silliness and recklessness.


She has peach skin and black spiky hair, and she wears an orange shirt a slightly light orange skirt, pink shoes and yellow socks.


Despite her being Bradley's best friend, she does however usually gets angry and most likely annoyed at Bradley for his jokes, mostly the "Uranus" ones. She is usually bossy and has a bossy mind of her own but she really means well.


  • In 1994, 2 years before the show aired. Stacy wore a slightly dark orange skirt matching her shirt, and yellow shoes matching her socks.
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