Spear Primal
Spear is the protagonist of Primal. He is a Neanderthal from prehistoric Earth who struggles to survive the violent and brutal conditions of the primordial world, and in the process, forges an unlikely bond with a dinosaur.


As a prehistoric adult human, Spear has a rugged, vigorous physique and primate-like traits. He has long, shaggy black hair and thick eyebrows, long caning teeth, and is covered in large amounts of rough body hair. In addition to his broad and muscular build, his arms and legs are very wide in proportion to the rest of his body. As far as clothing goes, Spear wears a brown loincloth.


Spear is extremely brave and doesn't hesitate to fight larger creatures despite often being outclassed. As an experienced hunter he is not bothered by violence and feels little empathy when slaughtering animals and dinosaurs. Despite this he is still shown to care for his mate and children and even sympathizes with Fang when he sees her offspring attacked, risking his life to protect them; feeling devastated when he fails.


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