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Sorx is a Final Boss for Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen.


Disappearance was Llylgamyn queen sister Iris. In addition, the rapier to her with me to have a great destructive power than other weapons. War why she was disappearances, poverty, hunger, fashion disease, temporarily destroy the infested world things such as hatred and human desire, but was due to be rebuilt, and the last would have been killed in the adventurers,It would have been also deprived until the rapier. By the way she can meet in the B1F of different dimension world. If you go up the stairs, there, it had become a modest study. In front of you guys, it appeared just like women and queen Iris.

"I can well to such far away."

"My name is, Sorx. Although it Omoo What Sonata us, this world must be destroyed once."

"So as not to disturb me."

Stunned and stand motionless to leave you guys, she went out. Is to be Oh the post in front of you guys, herd of monster was confronted. Ominous I Yes Sorx in the middle of the monster! She has been chanting the the spread, spell that has not been heard so far both hands. She looks back here, he said in a low voice.

"Again, I seem to not get to know. If, let I rid in this place."