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Sophie is a character from The Fairytaler episode, "The Emperor's New Clothes", which is based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale of the same title. She is the tailor's granddaughter and the emperor's fashion designer.

About Sophie

Sophie and her grandfather are helping the emperor with a new victory suit that the emperor is supposed to wear at an upcoming procession and she does her part as the fashion designer. The minister informs the Emperor that two, other tailors have arrived to see him and he says to let them enter the palace. The two, other tailors, one French and the other English, convince him that they can do a much better job at tailoring clothes for him. After they make fun of the suit, which was made by Sophie's grandfather, the emperor's wearing, she doesn't take so kindly to that and begins to give them a piece of her mind. But her grandfather stops her and lets it slide. The emperor decides to let the Frenchman and the Englishman be his new tailors. They agree on the condition that he lets his longtime, original tailor go from his position and they replace him. Sophie objects to this, but her grandfather tells her it's not their place. Once the two, new tailors are hired, Sophie and her grandfather are shown out the door by the minister, as her grandfather is now out of the job and the minister, apologizing, tells them that's the breaks.

The next day, Sophie and her granddad are at a stand on the street with a business called Rainbow Fabrics. They hope to have some sales and offer them to passers-by, but there are no takers. Sophie's granddad begins to get discouraged, but keeping the faith, she tells him she's certain something will turn up and it does. The minister visits their stand and tells them that he'll consider taking upon what they're offering for the emperor. When Sophie and her granddad hear of this, this is great news to their ears and they cheer for joy.

Back at the palace, Sophie lugs a sack of clothes to the door where the emperor is fitted. She knocks on the door and announces that it's her with the clothes she brought back. The French tailor tells her the emperor is trying on the suit that he and the English tailor made for him. She wants to see it for herself, but the French tailor won't let her and slams the door in her face. Furious, she responds by blowing a raspberry without him noticing.

Sophie and her granddad are outside again. She's dissatisfied and disagrees about the situation of her granddad being replaced after all that hard work he did on the clothes he made. But her granddad tells her not to fret so much, as they'll see the suit the emperor will wear instead at the procession tomorrow. Reluctantly, she relents and repeats "Tomorrow".

When the day of the procession arrives, Sophie and her granddad are on the street to see the emperor and what the latest fashion is that he'll show off to the crowd. She hops up and down to get a better view and complains to her granddad that she can't see, asking him to lift her up for a better look. But he's too preoccupied with the spectacle. Frustrated, she goes off for a moment and returns rolling a barrel to stand on so she can see what the emperor is wearing. She sees that the emperor is naked, due to him being fooled by the new tailors into believing that he is wearing an invisible suit. She laughs and comments that the emperor is starkers or naked. Her granddad tells her not to interrupt, but she gets him and the other spectators to realize he's wearing nothing as she tells them all. The rest of the crowd are amused by this as well. The minister approaches her and her grandfather, and tells them that the grandfather's job has been reinstated, and he's been rehired. Sophie isn't willing to let her granddad accept at first, due to how the new tailors treated him. But when the minister mentions the granddad's pay will be doubled, they agree and things look up for them again. They're quite pleased and satisfied.

Physical Appearance

Sophie is a slender, Caucasian girl. She has brown hair with a loop on each side of her head worn in a green bow and brown eyes. She wears a puffy, pleated, ankle-length dress that mostly matches her hair bows with a light pistachio green, folded collar and matching sleeve cuffs; light pistachio green pantaloons; white socks; and black, flat shoes.


Sophie is very protective of her grandfather, as she seems to have a very close relationship with him. She gets indignant easily if anybody badmouths his fashion works, standing up for him. She's also righteous, faithful, and optimistic, tending to look on the upside of circumstances.