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Soos Ramirez is a character from Gravity Falls.


Soos is a stupid, dumb, idiotic, childish, immature and naive young adult. But he is also kind, funny, friendly, gentle, loyal and pure of heart. He loves Grunkle Stan like a father as he sees him as his fatherly figure and he sees Dipper and Mabel as his good friends.

Soos fell in love with a woman named Melody. Both would later work in the Mystery Shack in the series finale.


Soos is a tall, morbidly obese man with a long, fat head shaped like a bowling pin. He has various hair patches on his head. He wears a dark cyan shirt with a question mark on it, cargo shorts, white socks, brown shoes and a brown hat.

Soos is 6'3" and has peach skin.