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Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular character and the main protagonist of the series of the Sonic the Hedgehog. He is a mobian hedgehog born with the ability to run faster than the speed of sound, hence his name, and possesses lightning-fast reflexes to match his speed. As his species implies, Sonic can also roll up into a concussive ball, primarily to attack enemies.

Born on Christmas Island, Sonic abandoned Sonic's home at an early age to persue danger and adventures. Becoming a carefree adventurer, Sonic has spent most of his life traveling around the world and far beyond, usually in his beloved Tornado with his best friend, Tails, as his sidekick. He has since become the champion of peace after stepping into the battle against iniquity, having used his abilities to defend his world and those far beyond from the forces of evil, especially his arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman, and his empire.

During Sonic's many adventures, he has traveled from the ends of the world to the far reaches of space and time, facing countless trials that have tested him to the fullest, earning him many titles, allies, and the scorns of several foes. Well-known for his legendary attitude and somewhat short temper, yet strong sense of justice, compassion, and love for freedom and adventure, his countless victories over the villains he has faced and his extraordinary set of abilities both have given him somewhat of a celebrity status, having many fans who yearn for his cool lifestyle, being loved by everyone just as Eggman is despised by all, and remaining the idol of many children from all over the world. However, he does not care about that at all and continues to run freely to this day.

Concept and creation[]

While several people have been involved in the creation of Sonic, the artist Naoto Ohshima, programmer Yuji Naka, and designer Hirokazu Yasuhara are generally credited with the creation of the character.

In April 1990, Sega requested a game that involved a mascot for their company. They wanted a character to rival Nintendo's flagship mascot Mario; Sega president Hayao Nakayama in particular wanted a character as iconic as Mickey Mouse. Sega had previously used Alex Kidd as their mascot, but because he was considered too similar to Mario, he was deemed unsatisfactory. Several character designs were submitted by its AM8 research and development department. These included a wolf, a bulldog, a robot, and a warrior character. However, the team put emphasis on speed for the game, which came from Yuji Naka attempting to get through Super Mario Bros.'s World 1-1 as fast as he could. Due to this, Sega started to only consider fast creatures, such as kangaroos and squirrels, while scrapping designs not associated with fast animals. One of these ideas involved a rabbit who could grab objects with prehensile ears. It showed potential, but was too complex for the Sega Mega Drive's hardware. Afterward, the team narrowed its search down to animals that could roll into a ball, based on the idea for an attack-based move, which led them to consider armadillos and hedgehogs. The hedgehog character, which was proposed by Naoto Ohshima, ultimately prevailed. After that, Ohshima went on vacation to New York, taking sketches with him. There, he went to Central Park, where he would ask locals for their opinions on them, which led to the hedgehog character being deemed the favorite.

The new character was originally named "Mister Hedgehog" (ミスターハリネズミ Misutā Harinezumi). However, due to a mistranslation of Ohshima's notes by English-speaking fans, it was believed that Sonic's original development name was "Mister Needlemouse" until it was corrected by Yuji Naka in January 2021. Wanting a name that could convey an image of speed, the team initially went for light speed-related terms, including "Raisupi", a shortening of the Japanese "raito supiido" (ライト スピ井戸 lit. "Light speed"), and "LS", an acronym of "light speed". However, none of these nicknames were found good enough for the character. Then, a member of the crew came up with the idea of a name representing the speed of sound instead, leading the final name to become Sonic the Hedgehog, which Ohshima stated was chosen because it represented speed.

During the design of his debut game, Sonic was originally colored teal, though he was later given a light shade of blue, but that got changed to dark blue fur so he would stand out against certain backgrounds and so that he would match the color of Sega's logo. According to Ohshima, Sonic's basic design was created by combining Felix the Cat's head with Mickey Mouse's body. He was also designed so he could be easy for children to draw and look familiar, as well as to exhibit a "cool" attitude, representative of the United States at the time. His shoes had buckles that drew inspiration from Michael Jackson's boots on the album cover for Bad and Santa Claus' red and white color scheme, whom Ohshima deemed the most "famous character in the world". Meanwhile, his personality was inspired by then-future president of the United States Bill Clinton's "get it done" attitude, who Ohshima felt embodied a modern sensibility of wanting to get things done right away, righting wrongs as they presented themselves instead of letting them linger. According to Yuji Naka, Sonic's color was also meant to symbolize peace, trust, and coolness, which are the attributes of his character. Sonic's spikes were emphasized to make him look sleeker, and he was given the ability to spin while jumping so that attacking and jumping could be controlled with a single button. However, Sonic was created without the ability to swim because of a mistaken assumption by Naka that all hedgehogs could not do so.

Early concepts gave Sonic fangs and put him in a band with a human girlfriend named Madonna. However, Sega of America scrapped these ideas to keep his identity simple. They also expressed concerns that most Americans would not know what a hedgehog is and initially proposed a full-scale recreation of the character. Nevertheless, compromises with Sonic Team led to them making some simple design changes instead. To further help sell the idea to Sega, Ohshima also pitched the concept framed by a fictional American fighter pilot that had earned the name "Hedgehog" due to his spiky hair, and had decorated his plane with images of Sonic. When this pilot retired, he married a children's book author, Mary Garnet, who wrote stories about the Sonic character, the first of which became the plot for the first Sonic game; Ohshima stated that this influence can be seen in the logo of the game, which features Sonic in a pilot's wing emblem. When Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released, Sonic's proportions changed. The original 1:2 head to height ratio changed to 1:2.5.

At the time of the release of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega of America had little to no exposure to the established Japanese material for the game. This led to them developing a new canon through what is known as the Sonic Bible, a collection of internal documents detailing the supposed backstory of the game. Notably, these documents established things not seen in Japanese sources, such as Sonic's home planet being named "Mobius" and that Sonic befriended a kind scientist named "Dr. Ovi Kintobor" who became Dr. Robotnik following a laboratory accident. They also appeared to contain information that was never used later on; for example, the first draft described Sonic as an ordinary hedgehog living in Nebraska with his mother and five sisters. This draft also stated that his true name was Sonny Hedgehog. Some modifications to Sonic's design were done too; these included a different fur color, sharper eyes, a brow in between his eyes, and a Mohawk-like hairstyle. However, these changes were slowly abandoned as time went on, and the Japanese canon began being adapted worldwide.

During the development of Sonic Adventure, an internal contest was held at Sega to determine who would be in charge of redesigning the characters, specially Sonic. Some of the proposed designs for the character were from Satoshi Okano, the promotional artist for Sonic Jam; Yuji Uekawa, the character designer of Sonic R; Naoto Ohshima; and Takumi Miyake, the designer of Knuckles' Chaotix. In the end, Uekawa won the content, though he would take inspirations from the other designs for his redesign. He remodeled Sonic as a 15 year old character, with taller proportions compared to his original design and emerald green-colored eyes. The reason for this color for his eyes was not only to contrast with the rest of his color scheme, but also, according to Uekawa, "because he is always seeing these green pastures around him, like in Green Hill Zone." Takashi Iizuka also noted that this new design was more suitable for 3D than Sonic's original and more compact design, which was meant to be seen from the side. Sonic was also purposefully made more of a "bad boy" for Sonic Adventure, so that his character did not become too cutesy like so many other character mascots (Yuji Naka stated that Hello Kitty already owned the market in cuteness). For Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic's design was slightly modified to make him look adult-like and taller to appeal to the next generation players, adding visible fur and making him a bit lankier. This was done because Sonic would interact with humans more often and his design was supposed to fit.

In regards to Sonic's birthday, it was Yuji Naka who decided to make it June 23, which is the same day as the release day of the original Sonic the Hedgehog in Western territories.


Sonic the Hedgehog/History

Early life[]

He was born on June 23 on Christmas Island in Mobius with his abnormal ability to run at super speed, but his love for adventure eventually called him away from his home. Since then, he has spent his life traveling around the world, driven by his restless spirit, in search for adventure to satisfy his thirst for thrills.

At some point, Sonic met Dr. Ivo Robotnik and they became enemies. Sonic would subsequently fight Robotnik in an untold number of confrontations as the scientist attempted time and again to conquer the world, with Sonic each time foiling the doctor's plans. Despite their many battles, Sonic did not really account of his adversary.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)[]

In Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Sonic heard news about Dr. Robotnik invading South Island after the doctor had discovered some powerful relics, called the "Chaos Emeralds", which were hidden on the island and which he now sought to produce weapons of mass destruction with their power. Annoyed by Robotnik's perseverance, Sonic hurried to South Island to stop him. Once Sonic arrived, he was met by Robotnik, who revealed his new method to enslave the animal residents: trapping them inside robot shells. With this method, he could turn them into robotic servants called Badniks, a method that left Sonic greatly shocked.

Despite having the whole island as his enemy, Sonic resolved to save the animals and get the Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Robotnik could get his hands on them. After traveling across the island while freeing the animal residents and securing the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic entered the doctor's local stronghold, where he defeated the mad scientist and drove him off the island. With Robotnik defeated, Sonic reunited with his friends to Green Hill Zone, where he released the Chaos Emeralds, with their power ensured the island's prosperity.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2[]

Mega Drive[]

In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic was traveling the world in the Tornado in search of adventure, when he discovered West Side Island. Deciding to land there, Sonic began exploring this new region. After a few days, Sonic noticed that someone was following him and saw it was a two-tailed fox cub named Miles "Tails" Prower, who had come to idolize him. As Tails hid upon being discovered, Sonic chose to ignore him and tried running away, but Tails continued to follow him and even kept up with his speed. Impressed by the fox's tenacity and ability to keep up, Sonic decided to let him tag along despite his disinterest in him. Later, during an early afternoon, Sonic was napping under the Tornado when he was awoken by explosions and saw Badniks attacking West Side Island. Standing beside Tails, who was watching him, during the initial attack, Sonic knew that Dr. Robotnik was behind this and ran into the center of the attack to find the mad doctor.

It turned out that it was indeed Robotnik who was at his old schemes again. This time, he was turning the island residents into Badniks to find the Chaos Emeralds, which were located on the island, to create the Death Egg for conquering the world. Sonic thus set out to stop Robotnik, retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, and save the island, with Tails following him all the way. When Sonic obtained all seven of the Chaos Emeralds, he discovered that their powers could turn him into Super Sonic. All the while, Tails proved to be great assistance to Sonic with his unique skills, and the two began forming a strong bond.

After freeing West Side Island, Sonic and Tails followed Robotnik to the Wing Fortress Zone on board the Tornado, where Tails and the Tornado were shot down, forcing Sonic to go on alone. When Dr. Robotnik escaped in his rocket ship, Sonic found Tails coming to his aid in an rocket-enhanced Tornado. Catching up to the doctor's rocket in the Tornado, Sonic rode the ship to the Death Egg where Sonic fought Robotnik's Mecha Sonic, followed by Robotnik in the Death Egg Robot. After a heated battle, Robotnik was defeated once again, which triggered a chain reaction that made the Death Egg crash, but Sonic escaped by jumping off into space.

As Sonic descended through the atmosphere, he was saved by Tails, who caught him on the Tornado, and the two of them flew through the sky together. With their adventure coming to a close, Sonic had become best friends with Tails and accepted the fox as his sidekick which would set the course for his future.

Game Gear/Master System[]

In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic became bored by the peace on South Island after defeating Dr. Robotnik and left to search adventures, but upon his return, he was shocked to find the island nearly abandoned. The only clue he could find as to where all his friends were was a note, written by Tails. It said that he and the animal friends had been kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik and held captive in the Crystal Egg. In exchange for Tails' safe return, Sonic had to collect the Chaos Emeralds, which were to be delivered to Robotnik's six Master Robots. With no time to waste, Sonic set off to save Tails. Along his adventure, Sonic got the Chaos Emeralds as instructed while destroying all the Robot Masters. Sonic went on and faced Robotnik in the Crystal Egg Zone, but the doctor escaped through a teleporter upon his defeat. With Tails still missing, Sonic almost despaired, but then Tails appeared from the teleporter, unharmed. Though confused at this turn of events, Sonic was happily reunited with Tails and the duo departed for new adventures together.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD[]

In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic was traveling to Never Laketo explore the  Little Planet, a small satellite that goes near Earth once a year. When Sonic arrived, however, he saw that the entire planet had been transformed into a mechanical wasteland and chained to a nearby mountain. After avoiding some falling mountain debris, Sonic noticed Dr. Robotnik's face carved into the mountain where the chain was embedded; immediately he knew that his arch-nemesis was behind this and up to no good again and traveled to the Little Planet to liberate it. As he arrived, Sonic learned he could undo Robotnik's work by using Little Planet's time passages to change the past and by collecting the native Time Stones, powerful gems capable of controlling the passage of time which Robotnik had his eyes on to conquer the world.

Shortly after his arrival, Sonic met Amy Rose, who had a massive crush on him. Only shortly after their meeting though, Amy was captured by Metal Sonic, a robot created by Robotnik to destroy Sonic, leaving Sonic with the task of saving Amy to. Using his unrivaled speed, Sonic ensured a good future for the Little Planet. He eventualy caught up to Metal Sonic and the doctor once again, and raced Metal Sonic at Stardust Speedway with Eggman hot on his heels. While Sonic outraced his metallic doppelganger, Metal Sonic was smashed at the finishing line while Sonic saved Amy from captivity. Sonic went on and defeated the doctor in Metallic Madness, which caused the doctor's bases to collapse. After escaping Little Planet with Amy, Sonic destroyed the chain holding the Little Planet and stood in awe as the Little Planet showed Sonic's face in a shower of light as a sign of thanks to him before warping away, leaving many new flowers growing around the area. However, Robotnik managed to grab a Time Stone, but Sonic put an end to his current schemes by destroying his escape vehicle.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles[]

Sonic the Hedgehog 3[]

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, many days after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic was napping on the beach until Tails came who had discovered a large reaction of chaos energy out on the sea. At the same time, Sonic found an ancient ring washed on the shore, which made him recall a legend about a floating Island in the sky with a highly unique culture supported by a powerful stone. Filled with excitement, Sonic headed out with Tails in the Tornado for another adventure to check out the reaction. When Sonic and Tails reached the location, they found the legendary floating isle, Angel Island, except that the island was kept at the ocean's surface by the Death Egg, which Sonic thought they had destroyed, which had crash-landed on it. Seeing that the Death Egg was currently being rebuilt, Sonic and Tails set out to destroy the Death Egg for good. Sonic used the Chaos Emeralds to transform into his Super State and stormed the island, but when he arrived, Sonic was ambushed by Knuckles the Echidna, the guardian of the floating island and the Master Emerald, who forced the emeralds out of Sonic. The echidna, who had been tricked by Dr. Robotnik into believing that Sonic and Tails had come to steal the Master Emerald, thus stole the Chaos Emeralds and escaped with them to hide them.

Despite this setback, Sonic and Tails left to to liberate the island from Dr. Robotnik's robots. During their adventure, Sonic and Tails were repeatedly ambushed by Knuckles, but they got through each encounter with their lives, and recovered the Chaos Emeralds as well. When reaching the Launch Base Zone, Sonic and Tails boarded the Death Egg just as it took off where they faced Robotnik, who had returned to defeat Sonic with excessive force. Nevertheless, Sonic defeated Robotnik again, with their resulting battle taking its toll on the Death Egg at a critical point of its launch, making it crash into the Lava Reef Zone.

Sonic & Knuckles[]

In Sonic & Knuckles, as Sonic and Tails landed in the Mushroom Hill Zone after escaping the falling Death Egg, they saw the space station survive another crash landing, this time into the island's volcano. Not content unless the Death Egg was completely destroyed, Sonic set out with Tails once more to find the Death Egg and destroy it and as well discover Robotnik's fate. As the duo got through Mushroom Hill, they spotted Knuckles passing through a hidden doorway. After making sure Knuckles was gone, Sonic opened the hidden doorway and looked inside it with Tails, where they found a Giant Ring. Enthralled, Sonic touched it, which took him and Tails to the Emerald Shrine in the Hidden Palace Zone where the Master Emerald rested. Riddled with questions, Sonic and Tails returned to Mushroom Hill Zone to began the next phase of their adventure. Eventually, the duo reached the Hidden Palace Zone on their own, where Sonic faced Knuckles in an epic showdown and won. Sonic and Tails then followed the red echidna as he went to check the Master Emerald, where they saw that Robotnik steal it for the purpose of powering the Death Egg. As the doctor escaped with the Master Emerald, Knuckles, having realized Robotnik's deceit, befriended Sonic and Tails and guided them to Sky Sanctuary Zone to reach the Death Egg, though they had to leave Knuckles behind as he was too exhausted from the previous struggles. On their way through the sanctuary, Sonic and Tails fought Eggrobo and Mecha Sonic fought several times, where they in the final encounter used a crumbling pillar to get on the Death Egg.

Onboard the Death Egg, Sonic and Tails faced Dr. Robotnik in his Kyodai Eggman Robo for a final showdown. After the defeat of the contraption, causing the final destruction of the Death Egg, Robotnik escaped with the Master Emerald in another mech, but Sonic transformed into Super Sonic and pursued the doctorthrough space. After a long battle, Sonic beat Rotbotnik's mechs and returned to earth with the Master Emerald where Tails caught him in the Tornado. The two then brought the Master Emerald back to where it belonged. Having made peace with Knuckles, Sonic and Tails left Angel Island for the time being. Some time after this though, Sonic rescued Knuckles in the Tornado—after the latter's fight against the recently-reactivated Mecha Sonic—from falling into the ocean. The two brought the stolen Master Emerald back to Angel Island and they parted ways once more.

Physical Appearance[]

Sonic is a mobian hedgehog with blue fur that covers most of his body, and peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle, insides of his ears and front torso. He has small, triangular ears on top of his head, six long quills on the back of his head, two spines protruding from his back behind his shoulders, and a short tail.

For attire, Sonic wears red boots with a white strap, cuff and gold buckle each; and a pair of white leather gloves with sock-like cuffs on the hands.

Back when he was younger, up until the Chaos incident, Sonic was shorter and stubbier, had a round head and an equally round torso, and black eyes. Following said crisis, he has grown taller and thinner, and developed green eyes. Prior to the Neo Metal Sonic incident, he was also often shown to have peach-skinned eyelids, until they eventually were portrayed as blue as well.


Sonic is said to be "like the wind," a drifter that is always on the move and is noted for being free-spirited and with an endless appetite for adventure, whose motto is "Run daily whenever in the mood". Described as a cool dude who goes wherever the flow takes him, Sonic values freedom above all else and strives to live his life according to his own rules and whims rather than the standards of those around him or for the sake of heroism and duty, never thinking twice about what other people say or think. As such, Sonic is not a "do-gooding" hero. Owning to his love of freedom, Sonic is also a very independent guy who is mostly interested in doing his own thing, being willing to live and die by his own rules.

Born to run and loving to cover as much ground as possible, Sonic enjoys nothing more than adventure and traveling around the world. This is because he believes life should be exciting. He in particular loves interacting with the many cultures present on the planet, and enjoys tasting the regional cuisines, specially chili dogs; because to this, he likes to call himself a connoisseur. Endowed with a strong passion for enjoying life, he is never in one place for long and always moves forward to look for his next challenge, viewing his life as a never-ending series of adventures. Because of his need for freedom, Sonic loathes the idea of being constrained; being cooped up or being forced to stay in one place tends to make him very uneasy and restless. By the time of the War to Take Back the Planet, however, Sonic appears to have somewhat overcome his stir-craziness, remaining calm and snarky even after being imprisoned aboard the Death Egg for six months. Nevertheless, he has stated that he enjoys a few indoor activities, such as reading, specially on rainy days. Some books he reads include the Arabian Nights and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Needless to say though, his primary passion is speed, and as such, he likes anything fast. If there is anything Sonic does like to take slow however, it is a vacation.

Sonic's demeanor is normally easygoing, calm, and carefree, no matter the crisis. However, he is generally impatient as he likes to get things done quickly, hates boredom, cannot hold still, and can possess a short temper. Because of his impulsive nature and since he is not detail-oriented due to a short attention span, Sonic can be reckless and quick to act before thinking, throwing himself into trouble without a second thought and regards for others' warnings. Nevertheless, he is honest, fearless, and always keeps his promises.

Sonic's personality is a juxtaposition of kindness and ferocity. He is extremely benevolent, driven by his own strong sense of justice and fair play, being driven to fight injustice for the ideal of freedom rather than in the name of the law. He is similarly always looking for the truth. Due to this, Sonic is never the one to rest in the face of injustice or oppression, and he always protects and fights for the underdog. He similarly hates lies, unfairness, and evil in all its forms, exploding with anger when witnessing anything unjust and doing all he can to snuff it out, throwing his life on the line without hesitation. Adding to his selflessness, Sonic never asks for anything in return for his heroic deeds; to him, the smiles he brings to others is all the reward he needs. However, he usually sees his heroics as an opportunity to have fun, making him a thrill-seeker. To Sonic, saving the world is no big feat and just another thrilling episode in his life. When he finds himself in a pinch, he acts as though nothing can stop him. However, this keen and intense personality can make him seem reckless. In times of crisis, though, he is aggressive and focuses intensely on the task at hand as if his personality has undergone an astonishing change. At the same time, Sonic has a big and kind heart and is fully committed to helping out anyone in need at any time when they are in trouble, even if it means getting himself into trouble or being despised by others.

Sonic has a lot of self-confidence and courage, making him sassy, cocky, occasionally overconfident, and as quick-witted as he is fast-footed. Sonic's signature positive attitude is where his massive internal ego comes from; he thinks that he and his friends will always find a way out of any situation and that he can be unstoppable, and takes great pride in his absolutely unbeatable speed and strength. However, this attitude sometimes leads to him underestimating his enemies and the task at hand. Nevertheless, this ego is not to be confused with narcissism, as Sonic does not see himself as more important than others. No matter the threat or how dangerous it is, he always remains cool under pressure. He also fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man, but he almost never flirts with anyone and does not like to be chased by girls.

In Japanese versions of media, Sonic omits honorifics and speaks informally (if not rudely), using "ore" instead of "I" when addressing himself or others ("ore" is a boastful way to say "I" in Japanese). However, he will still occasionally use honorifics when addressing close friends or acquaintances. Possessing a narcissistic tongue and a notable attitude, Sonic often jokes around to light the mood and will also take any opportunity to taunt his opponents. Being so smug, he has developed a habit of talking to destroyed robots, even when he knows they cannot hear him, which he can be embarrassed about when caught in doing. Despite this, he can be a gentleman when he wants to and be modest with fancy titles. Additionally, while Sonic generally assumes he can deal with things on his own, he also realizes he has friends to back him up in situations too big for himself and believes strongly in teamwork and the bonds he has made, having noted that he would not have come as far as he has today without his friends and allies. In keeping with his smugness and confidence, he often engages in playful banter with his enemies; an example is during the War to Take Back the Planet, where he asked Infinite "optional" questions to glean into what the secret behind the latter's powers were, what his favorite color was and whether he liked long, romantic walks on the beach; and also "asked" a Zavok Phantom Copy if he would let Sonic join a party occurring on the Death Egg, referring to the commotion resulting from the Resistance's infiltration of the area. Sonic is likewise very competitive; while he takes no interest in challenges he knows he can win easily, he always welcomes a good competition that has him squaring off against others on even ground. Sonic likewise never holds back when pitted against others in a test of skills and abilities, and is not above trash-talking his opponents. Nevertheless, Sonic is not one to usually hold ill against others in case he loses in an competition to them; while he got angry that he lost his victory to Jet during the first EX World Grand Prix due to someone sabotaging his Extreme Gear and had to bear the blunt of Jet's trash talking, Sonic usually maintains a good sense of sportsmanship, even in defeat.

Early on, Sonic showed no interest in competing in races, and never used vehicles like motorbikes or cars, finding it redundant as he could go faster than either of them. However, as of Dodon Pa's Grand Prix, he admitted that he had a lot of fun while driving the Speed Star for the first time, and raced using cars to give his friends a chance at winning and to have some fun himself. In his own words, he uses racecars "'cuz it's cool".

In keeping with his footloose lifestyle, Sonic never dwells on the past or allows his painful experiences to weigh him down. Instead, he lives in the present and always looks forward to his next adventure, holding no regrets for what has transpired. It is only in the moments of greatest loss that his macho and carefree appearance falls away, like in the apparent deaths of his closest friends or loved ones. Similarly, Sonic always does what he thinks is right and never second-guesses what he does, remaining steadfast to the end. Together, these qualities give Sonic an incredibly strong character and will; no matter the situation, he never doubts himself or gives up, never once submitting to the darkness in his heart.

While he enjoys his independence, Sonic is also extremely loyal to his friends and will risk his life for them without any due consideration. While he can leave them hanging, act rude towards them, or endanger them due to his fast-paced nature, Sonic never intends to make his friends unhappy and values them above all else, treating each of them as the most important person in his life. He will likewise always accept help from his friends and show great trust in them. Irreverent to authority, Sonic places everyone one on the same level as him and does not show interest in treating anyone differently because of a supposed superiority. Because of this, he can come across as rude to figures of authority by speaking to them informally, which often lands him in trouble.

Regardless of the many foes he has faced, Sonic rarely considers them true enemies and instead tends to admire them for how powerful some of them are and how much fun they can provide him. Likewise, he is shown to have a remarkable capacity to forgive; the most notable example of this is when he forgave Silver and worked with him after the latter had tried to kill him twice.

As his outward demeanor implies, Sonic is not book smart, but he is very street smart. Despite this, Sonic has proven himself to be much more insightful than he usually lets on, being capable of seeing through deception or noticing things that others would have overlooked. Notably, he has been able to figure out the schemes of even the intelligent and manipulative Rouge. He can likewise give valuable and comforting advices that drastically change the outlook of others, such as in the case of Elise, Merlina, and Blaze. This insight, combined with a charismatic personality, allows Sonic to get along with virtually anyone he meets, even if they were his enemies at one point. However, while Sonic is able to change those around him for the better, he himself has not really changed over the course of his adventures; he sticks firmly to his beliefs and does not let anything but himself define him.

Sonic loves beauty and nature and he stands as a protector of both aspects. As seen during the Wisp incident, he appreciates scenic views, and was incensed to find out that Eggman was destroying Planet Wisp's beautiful and lush environment. During the Solaris incident, Sonic was also shown to have a fondness for locations that are filled with flowers, trees, and other kinds of plants. Ironically, despite his inability to swim, Sonic also loves the ocean.

Said to be "fuzzy" about music, Sonic has been shown to enjoy cool music, but seems to have a special interest in rock music. Furthermore, it was displayed during the Sol Emerald incident that Sonic also enjoys breakdancing, which is reflected in his Trick Actions. His battle moves seen during the Emerl incident are also based on break dancing as mentioned in the attack descriptions. He also breakdances numerous times, usually when he is victorious.

Sonic tends to get irritated when his enemies often misidentify his species, namely by calling him a rat, making him correct them and state his actual species is a hedgehog. This was best demonstrated with his encounters with Erazor Djinn during the World Ring incident, and to a lesser extent with his encounter with Infinite at the Mystic Jungle.

Powers and abilities[]

Despite not having undergone any known training, Sonic's years of battles have made him a skilled and powerful fighter. He has defeated giant robots, demons, and god-like beings on his own; gone up against and bested those with far more combat experience; and even beaten individuals who equally match his abilities. It has also been noted that Sonic is steadily growing stronger; during the Time Eater incident, Sonic could beat the Egg Emperor and Perfect Chaos on his own where he previously required additional power to defeat them. Sonic even told Infinite upon holding his own against the latter compared to the previous time they fought that he becomes more powerful every second. It is safe to assume that Sonic is far more powerful than he lets on. His victories over Emerl at the Gizoid's maximum potential and Perfect Chaos in his base form are prime examples of his true power.

Sonic's greatest strength is his super speed. He has proven himself to be in a class of his own with his speed, having been credited as "the fastest thing alive" and even the fastest being in the universe. He has the ability to instantly accelerate to the speed of sound and run at speeds that exceed Mach 1, which is at the blistering speed of about 768 mph, and can run backward just as well as he can forwards. Due to such speed, he can scale vertical surfaces and ceilings, run over water, outspeed lasers, and even cause the ground to explode and lift off in his wake. Even then, Sonic can take his speed even further. By revving up in one place, he can take off at turbo speeds in an instant. He can also envelope himself in a blue energy field that lets him accelerate beyond the sound barrier on both the ground and in midair for a short time, allowing him to not only smash straight through enemies and obstacles like a living projectile, but also fly immense distances through midair. Using certain techniques, he can even achieve light-speed momentarily.

It is 1230 km what Sonic's unaided top speed is. During the Emerl incident, it was stated he can move several times the speed of sound and when facing Ultimate Emerl, he went at least ten rounds with him in less than thirty seconds. He is also able to run in circles around an enemy at such speeds that he can stun it. Some sources claimed that Sonic's maximum speed ranged between Mach 1-2. It has also often been stated that Sonic can move at supersonic speeds (which ranges from 915-3,840 mph). There are as well records stating that Sonic can instantaneously reach the speed of light (about 671,000,000 mph); E-123 Omega himself calculated that Sonic's speed could potentially exceed light speed and the hedgehog has boasted that light speed is "small time" to him. Additionally, during the Little Planet incident, Sonic was able to enter the Time Warp, which required him to run at speeds exceeding the speed of light.

Sonic has demonstrated complete mastery of his speed in any environment and can use it for both high-speed offense and defense. Not only can he run at maximum tilt in straight lines, but also in full tight circles and through sharp turns with full control over his momentum. As far as stamina goes, Sonic's is seemingly limitless as he is never winded from running. His speed also allows him to perform several impressive feats; he can heal at rapid speeds, launch shockwaves by spinning rapidly, leap in midair, launch stunning waves with fast kicks, increase the force of his blows by striking with increased momentum, and create barriers of super speed. He can also spin in circles or rotate his extremities at super speed to create winds strong enough to attack or blow away opponents, similar to aerokinesis.

Sonic possesses astounding kineticism and precision, and has the reaction time to match his speed. He has profound acrobatic skills and agility, along with incredible reflexes that lets him avoid any incoming obstacles with precise and delicate movements. As seen in his first meeting with Silver, Sonic can even detect attacks beyond his field of vision due to his sharp reflexes. When launched into the air, he can also pull off several tricks before landing. He also has incredible jumping skills, capable of jumping up to several hundred meters, even with extra weight.

Sonic possesses notable strength. He can push and lift things bigger and heavier than himself, run without extra weight slowing him down, smash through metal and rock, and damage foes countless times his size. However, it is debatable whether the latter's power comes from his speed, strength, or a combination of both. Sonic's strength particularly lies in his legs; with a single kick, he can topple the Egg Golem and send Badniks flying. This does not mean that Sonic's arms are not strong either; he has enough strength to tear robots apart by hand and punch through a collapsed wall.

Sonic has frequently demonstrated extreme resilience to damage. He can survive getting caught in the crossfire from all angles by Eggman's robots (which only knocked him out cold briefly), withstand the force of a massive explosion and a Hyper-go-on-based void unscathed, being pummeled with swords, resist a powerful punch from Knuckles from his foot, smash through several robots with his fist without discomfort, and take a ruthless pummeling from the Time Eater. Additionally, Sonic has more than once survived impacts from falls at extreme heights, bordering at the edge of space, only to shake it off when landing, and has even withstood atmospheric entry.

Sonic possesses an unbreakable and incorruptible spirit; in situations where most others would give up and where he is severely outnumbered and outgunned, Sonic never loses faith in himself and never surrenders. This trait enables him to keep on fighting when utterly exhausted or after taking an abnormal amount of damage. His will even lets him withstand mind-controlling powers, like the corruptive influence of Dark Gaia. Even when possessed by the Ifrit, Sonic was arguably able to occasionally regain control.

Sonic has also demonstrated the ability to harness Chaos Emerald energy for his own use; with a Chaos Emerald, Sonic can perform the chaos power Chaos Control, and occasionally gain a boost in power.

Sonic's core offensive maneuver is the Spin Attack, a technique where he curls into a concussive ball or cutting disk and directs himself at his targets. With it, Sonic can shred or burrow through just about any substance given enough speed and hit with enough force to pierce colossal boulders. Highly adept in its usage, Sonic can utilize several variants of the Spin Attack for both grounded and aerial maneuvers, including the Spin Dash, Spin Jump, Homing Attack, the super-charged Focused Homing Attack, and the Light Speed Attack, which attacks at the speed of light.

Even without his Spin Attack, Sonic is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He mostly relies on his fast footwork since the majority of his power lies in his legs, though he has been known to use his fists and arms from time to time, albeit in a rather straightforward manner. His fighting style is mostly derived from breakdancing moves which utilize Sonic's legs to their fullest, allowing him to deliver swift, wide-ranged kicks. He has also been known to use flying forward kicks, split kicks, and scissor kicks. Sonic was also shown during the scabbard of Excalibur incident to excel in swordsmanship. Even as a rookie swordsman, Sonic could beat a dragon and after receiving formal training, he could best master swordsmen like the Knights of the Round Table. In addition to using advanced techniques, Sonic can apply his speed to his swordplay for quick and swift slashes, and become a buzzsaw by spinning with his sword, enabling him to slice clean through enemies. He has also learned the martial art of Linshao Kung Fu from Shuifon, though he is yet to be seen using it.

Sonic has extraordinary skill in operating vehicles. He has excellent skills when it comes to piloting planes like the Tornado, and water bike surfing on vessels like the Wave Cyclone. He is also experienced in a variation of sports such as boarding and surfing, and other recreational activities like grinding. As shown during Dodon Pa's Grand Prix, Sonic is also an expert at driving sport cars like the Speed Star. He has even demonstrated that he is capable of driving his car sideways and backwards just as well as he can forwards, and can keep up with other expert drivers like Shadow while driving from these directions.

Sonic has proven himself as a world-class Extreme Gear rider. He is said to move faster than he can run on an Extreme Gear and can go head-to-head with legendary Wind Masters like Jet the Hawk. Sonic seemingly has a knack for Extreme Gear riding, quickly grasping the controls on his first try and later developing advanced techniques despite being self-taught. After the second World Grand Prix, Sonic can be considered the best Extreme Gear rider in the world, having beaten Metal Sonic in a race, who at that point was an "unbeatable" rider with the skills of the world's finest Extreme Gear riders at his disposal.

It appears that Sonic can control the strength and durability of his otherwise soft quills at will. While he is spinning, they appear to be extremely hard like buzzsaw blades; as demonstrated during the Neo Metal Sonic incident, his quills (and body) are durable enough to slice through battleships without even moving at the speed of sound. In addition, Sonic's quills can sense nearby dangers, which they warn him about by creating a tingling sensation. A similar precognitive ability of his that allows him to sense nearby danger comes in the form of sneezing. Sonic has also demonstrated the ability to transfer his speed throughout various parts of his body, allowing him to immediately set off from stationary positions and even channel it into objects to speed up their movements and make them pierce through solid objects as he does while running. He can also create an effect reminiscent of a time halt, even though it is unknown what it is derived from.


Though he does not prefer to use weapons, mainly dissing firearms, Sonic has wielded a number of tools during his adventures, albeit never permanently. During the Space Colony ARK incident, Sonic used 2G Hi-Speed Shoes, which were specifically made for grinding. Also, during the Emerl incident, he utilized deployable landmines in battle, and one time, he would wield his own version of the Piko Piko Hammer. During the World Ring incident, he also wore Shahra's Ring, allowing him to harness Shahra's magic for himself. Similarly, during the scabbard of Excalibur incident, Sonic would wield swords; he initially wielded Clarent, but later exchanged it for Caliburn, a sapient sacred sword with magical properties.


Super Sonic[]

By harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can enter a Super State, transforming him into Super Sonic. Easily his most used transformation, Super Sonic is one of Sonic's strongest forms. In this state, all of Sonic's abilities far surpass his normal ones. He is also able to fly and is nearly invulnerable. However, this transformation consumes a lot of energy, meaning it cannot be maintained for long.

Hyper Sonic[]

By using the power of the seven Super Emeralds, Sonic can achieve an extended and more powerful form of Super Sonic called Hyper Sonic. This form basically shares the same traits as Super Sonic, except Hyper Sonic commands greater power and all of his Super State abilities are greatly enhanced.

Hyper Mode[]

A weaker variant of the super transformation. Sonic is capable of using this mode for a brief time on his own by drawing power from the Chaos Emeralds. In Hyper Mode, Sonic's speed and attack power are greatly increased.

Darkspine Sonic[]

By harnessing the World Rings of rage, hatred, and sadness, Sonic can undergo a transformation into Darkspine Sonic. In this state, he can fly, has greater strength, unlimited usage of his Soul Gauge powers and as well elemental abilities over flames, wind and darkness. However, because of the intense emotions sealed inside the World Rings that Sonic uses to transform, he becomes slightly darker and more violent.

Excalibur Sonic[]

By using the power of the four sacred swords, Sonic is able to transform into Excalibur Sonic. This form grants Sonic a strong golden armor with a red cape, the ability to fly, greater strength and the power to wield the legendary sacred sword Excalibur.

Sonic the Werehog[]

After unwillingly absorbing the corruptive energies of Dark Gaia, Sonic gained the power to turn into a werewolf-like form named Sonic the Werehog at night time. In this state, Sonic loses his trademark speed, but he still retains his lightning reflexes and agility. He also gains super strength, sharp claws, extendable arms, and limited energy control. While Sonic's strong will prevents him from becoming fully corrupt like most others would, he does gain some minor feral behavior. He permanently lost this form when the energy that granted him his Werehog form was re-absorbed by Dark Gaia.

Color Powers[]

By harnessing different variants of Hyper-go-on from Wisps, Sonic can use specific Color Powers to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser or even a fireball, each one possessing its own unique abilities. So far, Sonic has been able to transform into the Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill, Blue Cube, Green Hover, Pink Spikes, Purple Frenzy, Violet Void, Orange Rocket, Red Burst, Indigo Asteroid, Magenta Rhythm, Crimson Eagle, Ivory Lightning, Gray Quake, Black Bomb, and Jade Ghost. However, these transformations require a steady supply of Hyper-go-on to be maintained.


Noted to not be the strongest swimmer, Sonic is incapable of swimming properly and sinks like a stone in water. This may be due to aquaphobia; in a certain circumstance, should Sonic fall into water, he may feel trapped with no one to get him out. However, he does not demonstrate that fear very often. Furthermore, whilst underwater, Sonic's speed will be greatly decreased.

It has been stated that if Sonic does not sleep for eight hours during the night, it will spoil his running. In addition, he has trouble keeping his balance when coming to a sudden halt when running at high speed.

Because of Sonic's giant internal ego, he often banters and plays around with his enemies. This usually makes him underestimate his opponents and leave his guard down, as seen during his encounter with Infinite in Mystic Jungle during the War to Take Back the Planet and when he got trapped by Eggman onboard the Chaos Energy Cannon at the start of the Dark Gaia incident. Also, his impulsiveness and recklessness can often cause trouble, such as during the Lost Hex incident where he got rid of Eggman's Cacophonic Conch, which Eggman used to keep the Deadly Six in line, before listening to Tails' warnings about the conch.

Sonic believe everyone deserves freedom so will become very impatient when constrained when normally carefree and easygoing. Also because of this belief of freedom Sonic speaks to everyone in a inforanal and friendly manner even authority which often makes G.U.N. angry with him for not treating them highly.

Sonic doesn’t think of anyone as enemies and thinks of them as competition or a thing he has to overcome. Because of this Sonic forgives people quite easily such as Knuckles, Silver, Merlina and even Shadow. But in some media like IDW comics this quality of Sonic is put to the test as sometimes his compassion can cause the worse such as when Metal Sonic reverted Mr. Tinker's memory’s to Eggman.


Dr. Eggman[]

Dr. Eggman is Sonic's eternal nemesis and arch-enemy, whose plans he has foiled for years as of now ever since well before the South Island incident. Along with Tails, Eggman is one of the figures who has often shaped Sonic's destiny. If their relationship can be described with a single word, it is hostile, but explaining it properly is surprisingly difficult.

From Sonic's point of view, Eggman is first and foremost what can be defined as a "handful." Because of Sonic's hatred of anything unjust and how Eggman can be considered an annoying and troublesome old man who inflicts terrible things on Sonic's friends and destroys beautiful cities and nature, Sonic holds a great mutual loathing for the doctor and his ambitions and has spent years rescuing the victims of Eggman's conniving schemes. Whenever the doctor hatches a plan to conquer the world, Sonic always shows up and thwarts him. Because they have also fought each other to win, Eggman has become a longtime rival of Sonic's as well as an enemy; likewise, Sonic's many battles with the doctor have made him able to see through the his tricks and knows what his true motivations are. Also, whenever Sonic's anger explodes over injustice, he always makes Eggman the receiving end of this aggression; notably, at the start of the West Side Island incident, Sonic would curse at the doctor in fury after realizing that he was destroying West Side Island's forests to get the Chaos Emeralds.

Despite his dislike of Eggman, Sonic has never really taken account of his adversary and does not consider him his enemy in the true sense of the word. In truth, Eggman is the kind of guy that Sonic is just willing to go toe to toe with, which does not only include battles, but also when it comes to verbal exchanges such as insults and witty quips; whenever Eggman has an insult prepared for Sonic, Sonic is equally ready with a mocking response, and the sarcastic banter between the two is always a highlight during their encounters. Whenever dealing with Eggman, Sonic remains fully confident that he can spoil his plans and never really takes them seriously. In fact, Sonic finds entertainment in spoiling Eggman's plans, seeing as a way of making his life an adventure; to Sonic, Eggman is "the one who brings adventure." Sonic is likewise so used to beating Eggman that he considers it an everyday job.

Usually, Sonic is rather frank or taunting towards Eggman and will almost always seize the opportunity to tease him with jokes and sarcasm. Sometimes, Sonic even finds Eggman more bothersome and annoying than threatening: when he discovered Eggman was behind the Time Eater during its incident, Sonic just facepalmed and shrugged disapproving. Nevertheless, he remains vigilant about Eggman and his actions, like when he alone refused to believe that Eggman had turned over a new leaf during the Wisp incident. In the cases Sonic does deem Eggman a legitimate threat though, he becomes very serious about the doctor and targets him with fierce anger. While Sonic will not admit that Eggman is a nuisance to him, this is nonetheless one aspect of Eggman that Sonic finds appealing. Also, if "adventure" can be replaced with "ambition", then Sonic could also be considered something of the sort for Eggman, which could be considered another aspect of the relationship between the true sworn enemies that they are.

When presented with a more terrible threat that endangers both of them and their goals, Sonic is willing to put aside his differences with Eggman and join forces with him to stop it. Even in such cases though, Sonic remains reluctant about it, feeling that teaming up with Eggman is like the end of the world and a dirty affair, and will in some cases suspect the doctor has an ulterior motive (which is often proven true). Because of Dr. Eggman's complicated tendency to instantly switch between morals, Sonic has a hard time figuring him out.

While Sonic has been known to make fun of Dr. Eggman by using his alias instead of his real name (which was possibly given by Sonic), he actually uses this name affectionately rather than trying to make fun of him.

In spite of Eggman's horrible deeds, Sonic is content with simply stopping him and is never out to put him out of commission for good on purpose. Because of Eggman's tendency to survive their encounters and refusal to give up however, the doctor always returns with a new scheme, prompting Sonic to stop him again. As such, Sonic remains forever locked in a conflict with Eggman where it is nearly impossible for both individuals to defeat the other once and for all, making their battle a never ending one. From the ends of the world and into outer space, the two of them will continue to clash with each other in a full-force battle of ambition and adventure.

Miles "Tails" Prower[]

Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic's best friend and sidekick, as well as his most faithful and loyal friend. Besides Eggman, Tails is one of the figures in Sonic's life who has often shaped his destiny. Sonic first met Tails on West Side Island where he noticed Tails following him. Though he was not interested in Tails at first, Sonic grew impressed with his tenacity when he kept up with him and let him tag along. When Dr. Robotnik then attacked West Side Island, Sonic joined Tails when the fox followed him into the conflict. In time, Tails proved himself a great ally to Sonic, and after defeating Robotnik, the two had built the foundation for the friendship that would define their future. Eventually, Sonic took Tails under his wing as his sidekick and took upon himself to train him. In time, the fox would become his protégé. Additionally, Sonic would stop bullies from teasing Tails for his twin-tails, which only improved Tails' admiration of him.

Since meeting each other, Sonic and Tails have been inseparable, their friendship having grown to the point where they have a brotherly relationship. During the Gemerl incident, they are noted to have an "Unbreakable Bond", and they have even been referred to as the "fastest and greatest duo". Also, when Tails was mind-controlled into fighting Sonic during the Wisp incident, the hedgehog never laid a finger on him in refusal to hurt his friend. Sonic himself sees Tails as a cute surrogate/adopted kid brother and looks over him accordingly. However, he also sees Tails as a dependable sidekick and treats him as his equal partner on their adventures, and has even called him "the coolest guy he knows". The fact that Tails can as well move at great speeds by rotating his twin-tails and can fly in the air has helped Sonic many a times when he has found himself in trouble. Additionally, Tails' skills as a mechanic, as well as his intellectual prowess has aided Sonic many times on his adventures. As such, Sonic places an immense amount of trust in Tails, who expands Sonic's range of activities and sometimes lights the way for him to go. Whenever on an adventure, Sonic always asks Tails to come along and will accept his help at any time. That said, however, Sonic's impatience and recklessness will at times make him ignore Tails when he gives advice or information, often when it is most useful, though he is big enough to admit when he should have listened to him.

Sonic cares very much for Tails' well-being. He will not hesitate to threaten those who endanger him and will always make his safety his top priority, regardless of the matters on hand, like when he sent Tails away against his will when the Nega-Wisp Armor attacked them during the Wisp incident. Similarly, after Wave the Swallow mocked Tails at the first World Grand Prix, Sonic was angered by her behavior and exasperatedly defended him. When Tails finds himself in doubt, Sonic is always there to give him moral support. Throughout their adventures, the two have proven themselves a perfect team who can handle nearly anything; both provide strengths to the other's weaknesses (Sonic handles the muscle while Tails handles the smarts) and neither of them would get far without the other's aid. Tails as in particular proven himself Sonic's most reliable ally, always providing him with invaluable help, knowledge, and machines. In turn, Sonic is impressed with Tails' work and considers his technical skills unparalleled, though this faith makes him leave all the tech work to him.

Sonic usually holds absolute faith in Tails' skills, although that faith has been known to waver. When Sonic planned for Dr. Eggman to do the tech work to save the world from the Deadly Six's abuse of the Extractor during the Lost Hex incident, his own frustrations over having caused the mess they were in allegedly made him doubt Tails' skills. This would strain their friendship over time. At the end though, Sonic apologized for doubting Tails, mending their brotherly bond.

Perhaps the biggest strength of Sonic and Tails' friendship is the united bond their hearts share. Whenever the two are around each other, they both feel as if they can overcome any struggle they may be facing. Also, without even having to say anything to each other, they know inside of themselves what is needed of themselves to be a good partner to the other. As such, it can be speculated that there is something that surpasses even trust between the two of them. The two will continue to run together through numerous adventures, and will remain best friends until the day they die.

Amy Rose[]

Amy Rose is one of Sonic's oldest and most loyal friends, and his self-proclaimed girlfriend. Since meeting Sonic, Amy has looked up to him as her hero and been madly in love with him, and her greatest wish is to marry him. Sonic first met Amy during his adventures on Little Planet where he saved her from Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik's captivity which made them fast friends. Right from the start though, Sonic has not liked her like a girlfriend or reciprocate her advances. However, this attitude has done nothing to deter Amy.

Since their first meeting, Amy has chased Sonic down wherever he goes, with Sonic seemingly unable to escape her, and has tried to win his heart by any means. Sonic, however, is rather annoyed by her affection and even disturbed by her over-the-top displays, which makes him treat Amy as little more than an annoyance and deem her weird, and her cheerful spirit almost always keeps him on her feet. As such, Sonic considers Amy a near constant pain in his life as well as "a bit of a burden" who slows him down. Whenever Amy tries to show him affection, Sonic gets rather uncomfortable, exasperated or embarrassed and will try to avoid her when she goes overboard, usually by running away or by more rude means. Rejecting the idea of marrying Amy, Sonic would rather go on without aid from Amy at all to avoid making a deal about marrying her; during the Space Colony ARK incident for example, Sonic rejected getting vital intel that Amy had on Shadow, whom Sonic sought payback at, when she asked him for his hand in marriage in exchange. Additionally, Sonic fears Amy's anger; he will become nervous or run away when he thinks he has provoked her, and he often finds himself overwhelmed by her powerful personality. Usually, that leads to Sonic going along with Amy's demands for a date or wishes to come along on his adventures, although he always seize the opportunity to run away from her scot-free when he can. Over the course of the series, Sonic running away from Amy has become a running gag.

Regardless of how much dismay Amy has put Sonic through, she is still considered one of his closest friends and a reliable partner of his. It is stated that in his heart he may not dislike her as much as it seems and that deep down he might actually have some feelings for her. During the Dark Gaia incident, Sonic was even stumped that Amy did not recognize him as the Werehog, and when he shortly after saved her from some of Dark Gaia's Minions, he initially chose to run away than face her with his condition. Fortunately, after learning that Sonic was inside the monster form, she claimed to him that he was still the Sonic she loves. Additionally, during the Lost Hex incident, Sonic was crestfallen when he thought Amy and the others had died from the Extractor.

When Amy does show maturity, Sonic's friendship with Amy becomes much more positive. An example of this is shown just before and during Dodon Pa's Grand Prix, where Amy very rarely obsesses over him, which in turn makes Sonic more comfortable about being around her, like when she invited him to a picnic, and he agreed.

Overall, Sonic cares about Amy as a good friend and worthy comrade whom he can rely on, and he appreciates her efforts to help him when she is not flirting with him. Their relationship has been described as somewhat subtle in nature. In reality though, Amy's self-paced temper and the untidy reaction that comes from Sonic in these situations is more or less a stable and carefree exchange between the two. Though it also may be due to Amy's spirit, during the adventures and competitions they have been through, a certain bond of trust has grown between Sonic and Amy. In fact, because of the long relationship they have had for some reason, they have gotten a deepened understanding of each other. When Amy is in trouble, Sonic will likewise always be there to help her out should the need arise, though he tends to overlook her when she is caught in the middle of his showdowns with the villains. It may be this kind of charm between the two that the outfield tends to be so concerned about the two. As such, both are looking forward to their successes and future.

Metal Sonic[]

Metal Sonic is Sonic's robotic alter ego, created by Dr. Eggman for the sole purpose of destroying him. However, even though their appearances are similar, there is a certain difference between the two of them that goes beyond their obvious physical dissimilarities. While Sonic enjoys life freely and lives for adventure, Metal Sonic is obsessed with the one purpose he was made for and will cut off anything not related to that goal. As such, even though they are both super-speedy hedgehogs (albeit with one of them being a robot), their worldviews are completely different.

Metal Sonic is one of Sonic's earliest foes and his first true rival, being able to copy both his speed and power. Both of them share a strong rivalry with each other. Sonic first encountered Metal Sonic on Little Planet where the robot kidnapped Amy Rose, forcing Sonic to defeat him to save Amy, inadvertently turning Metal Sonic from one viewing him as an enemy into a bitter and deadly rival. However, it can be said that Sonic's first victory over Metal Sonic was more than just the beginning of their ongoing conflict, but also a "fated" relationship that would be reduced to "rivalry". Even so, Sonic has never considered Metal Sonic his enemy in the true sense of the word. Sonic in particular affectionally refers to Metal Sonic as "Metal", and though he recognizes him as a formidable opponent, he seems to enjoy their battles as worthy games between rivals.

Since meeting each other, Sonic and Metal Sonic have almost always fought whenever they meet, never once having an instance where their objectives align. In Sonic's opinion, Metal Sonic is the worst creation Dr. Eggman has ever made due to how it always causes trouble for him, and he views Metal Sonic as a very serious threat. Regardless, Sonic always remains confident that he can beat Metal Sonic and considers him a "lame robot copy" which can never match up to the original that is him. Still, this does not keep him from enjoying pitting his skills against his. Despite being determined to not let Metal Sonic win in their clashes though, Sonic does not want to have unfair advantages over Metal Sonic or have his victories over Metal Sonic handed to him by default. As such, Sonic will willingly put all he has on the line if Metal Sonic is willing to do the same, gracefully accept a tie with him if Metal Sonic has earned enough of his own fair share of victories to match his, or even denounce an easy chance at victory if Metal Sonic cannot compete any further.

While Sonic has many rivals, Metal Sonic is special in his own right. As Sonic's rival, while Metal Sonic is a tremendously powerful combatant, it cannot be denied that a large proportion of Metal Sonic's skills are committed to speed competitions, as he was designed to defeat Sonic by outmatching his speed. As such, Metal Sonic's speed capabilities make him an outstanding rival to Sonic.

Over time, Sonic and Metal Sonic have had countless fights, with Sonic always managing to either beat or tie with Metal Sonic in the end, though not without cutting it close on most occasions. However, Sonic's triumphs over Metal Sonic have only increased Metal Sonic's hatred for Sonic and endowed him with an unhealthy obsession to surpass and defeat him. At one point, Metal Sonic's hatred and obsession for Sonic pushed him over the brink, making him usurp control of the Eggman Empire to build a robot kingdom with the goal of killing Sonic. He even adopted the warped belief that Sonic was his copy and that he was the real Sonic.

Since Metal Sonic is a machine, Sonic cannot tell what his robot double is thinking. Sometimes however, Sonic can feel Metal Sonic's will, his excitement, and his iron-clad determination to win. Even from a distance in the middle of a race, Sonic can occasionally feel Metal Sonic's determination, like a burning sensation. Even when knowing that and racing him with a serious attitude though, Sonic cannot help but get excited about competing against Metal Sonic like this while pushing himself further to overcome him. Also, despite them being enemies/rivals, Sonic still have some concerns for Metal Sonic, as he is willing to try and warn the robot for the latter's own safety when he is pushing his body to the point of self-destruction. Even more so, he cannot help but feel a strange sense of relief when Metal Sonic survives his own reckless attempts to defeat him.

While Sonic has always managed to survive his clashes with Metal Sonic, he rarely condemns him for his villainous actions in the aftermath. Instead, he always gets a satisfaction from the challenges Metal Sonic provides him with and will promise his robot double that he will await any future rematch between them.

Knuckles the Echidna[]

Knuckles the Echidna is one of Sonic's greatest rivals and best friends. They have known each other for a long time, but their relationship is somewhat complicated, the two of them having been summed up as "best frenemies." When Sonic first met Knuckles, they two of them had a shocking and dreadful encounter, with Knuckles trying to keep Sonic from stopping the Death Egg's re-launch after being deceived by Dr. Robotnik. As such, they started off as adversaries. However, when the echidna discovered that Robotnik had tricked him, the two of them joined forces to keep Robotnik and his robots from stealing the Master Emerald, and they departed on good terms.

Because of their first impressions of each other and their personalities and competing feelings, Sonic and Knuckles did not start out as "good friends". In fact, Sonic and Knuckles are much like oil and water. While Sonic exemplifies the wind and is laid-back, cool and free, Knuckles exemplifies the mountain and is stern, serious and unmovable, which cause them to argue a lot. They share a competitive rivalry and often end up fighting when clashing, although it has become less serious in recent times, being now more of a form of slapstick between the two. With Sonic's speed equaling Knuckles' strength in every way, their fights are anything between climactic to just plain funny.

Sonic always welcomes a challenge from Knuckles. He also enjoys poking fun at Knuckles whenever he can (usually when Knuckles is serious or insightful) and will even deliberately try getting him angry so he can get a reaction out of him. From Sonic's point of view, their relationship tends to work out with him always having to bail Knuckles out of trouble. On a personal level however, Sonic also respects Knuckles for his dedication, although it also makes him want to poke fun at him even more.

Due to his lack of social abilities in the past, Knuckles used to fall for Dr. Eggman's deceiving very often, which, in turn, would be the cause of most of his confrontations with Sonic, although as time passed, the echidna has generally become more aware of Eggman's plans and has stopped believing his claims regarding Sonic. Whenever Sonic discovers Eggman has tricked Knuckles, he tends to chide him by calling him "Knuckle-head," which Knuckles does not take too well, though they always make peace with each other at the end of the day.

Despite their differences, after having several adventures together since meeting each other, Sonic and Knuckles' relationship have improved, and they have always rushed to each other's aid when they are in a pinch. The two of them are connected by a hot-blooded friendship and while they may exchange quips and complain to each other, they are in perfect harmony when it comes time to act. Small details aside, they both know what is really important. In fact, when it all comes down to it, Knuckles can be considered Sonic's best friend next to Tails. It can even be argued that the two of them are as close to each other as Sonic and Tails are, as the nature of their rivalry/friendship lets them have a relationship that does not require any restraint. Also, according to Tails, Sonic and Knuckles are "funny" together.

While Sonic does not hold back on Knuckles' shortcomings, the two of them deeply acknowledge each other. Nonetheless, Sonic is still somewhat reluctant to admit when Knuckles is right and he was wrong. While Knuckles at times rebuts his help and claims he could do better, Sonic just rolls with it and is merely glad to help him. They are also great and loyal teammates. In addition to Knuckles being a vital part of Sonic's team, the two of them have been called "Fighting Buddies" during the Gemerl incident. Noticeably, when they do manage to work together, Sonic and Knuckles form an unstoppable team. For better or worse, Sonic will also be there to give Knuckles needed, if not harsh, consoling whenever he is in doubt. Additionally, during the Lost Hex incident, Sonic was crestfallen when he thought Knuckles and the others had died due to the Extractor.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Shadow the Hedgehog is an occasional rival of Sonic's. They look almost identical (to the extent that many initially got them confused), and they can match each other in speed, agility and abilities, including Chaos Control. The two of them first met each other as enemies, with Sonic holding a grudge at Shadow for getting him into trouble with GUN, but they put aside their differences to team up and save the world from Gerald Robotnik's doomsday plans. Since then, they have been both lethal adversaries and comrades.

The only similarity Sonic and Shadow share is their silhouette, as their personalities and tendencies are completely different. In fact, Shadow is one of the most formidable opponents to Sonic in every way and the antithesis to all that Sonic stands for. As such, since they first met, they have fought, argued, and even had outright death matches. Despite this, Sonic is never out to take Shadow's life and does not consider him an enemy in the true sense of the word. In contrast, Shadow's cold-hearted nature and willingness to use any means necessary to achieve his goals has a dangerous purity to it that sometimes makes him an enemy of Sonic. Their moral differences are as far apart as black and white as well, always causing the two of them to clash. Sonic has a joyful, free-spirited attitude that looks for fun adventures, while Shadow is a brooding loner with a merciless and excessively violent edge. Sonic has few limitations on his goals and will do anything to help save the world, but Shadow will stop at nothing to get what he wants, with little concern for who or what it affects. Another sharp contrast between them is that Sonic lives freely as he wishes without thinking about the pain of the past, while Shadow has let himself be haunted by his own painful experiences. Nevertheless, Sonic does not care about their clashing world views and they always see their conflicting differences as yet another reason to fight each other.

Both Sonic and Shadow share a strong rivalry. When they first met, Sonic accused Shadow of copying him, with Shadow maintaining a mutual belief regarding Sonic. This feeling is still present in both of them because each thinks he is better than the other. Regardless, their rivalry has developed over time and is now much more friendly than before, yet still fiercely intense.

Out of all his rivals, Shadow is the one whom Sonic struggles most with. As shown in all their clashes, they are each other's equal, with both sides neither lacking in any category that separates them from skill in their respective prowess: while Sonic is becoming faster and more honed than Shadow, Shadow is becoming stronger and more destructive than Sonic, which has only increased the intensity of their rivalry. They have an unshakable need to showcase their growth and improvement for every encounter they have, and anything considered competitive is suitable for their rivalry, though Sonic usually remains more casual about it than Shadow and enjoys pitting his skills against his.

Despite their differences, Sonic and Shadow share a mutual respect for each other's abilities, though it did not start out like that. In fact, over the course of their first encounters during the Space Colony ARK incident, they collided with each other several times, each with a fierce opposition to the other, as they saw each other as a rival who might be more than an equal. However, they eventually reached the internal conclusion where they mutually recognized each other’s abilities (although they would never admit that to each other). Even so, Sonic himself has personally acknowledged Shadow's capabilities, even admitting that Shadow is only one who would have a chance against him in a race, and after Shadow sacrificed himself to save the world at the end of the Space Colony incident, he recognized him as a brave and heroic hedgehog. Sonic also appears to hold faith in Shadow's sense of right and wrong to a certain extent as seen in some of the scenarios of during the Black Arms incident where he would show disbelief and confusion about Shadow siding with the Black Arms, even admitting in one scenario that he did not believe Shadow had it in him for his selfish acts. At the same time though, Sonic can be surprised by how Shadow, for all his cold-heartedness, is willing to secretly fight for world peace, although he knows that Shadow is not willing to let his guard down when questioned about it.

Regardless of their disagreements, they are willing to put their differences aside for the greater good, and together they are an unbeatable team. Overall, there is always extreme tension between Sonic and Shadow, but they have matured over time, with Shadow having more faith in Sonic's capabilities and Sonic becoming more tolerant of Shadow's violent tendencies.

If there is one thing that can be said about Sonic and Shadow, it is that they are rare ones who can get up close and personal with each other. Because of the high performance of both Sonic and Shadow in terms of their physical abilities and their thoughts, there are not many who can keep up with them. Also, there are fewer still of the ones who, despite their rejection, are able to persist, to offer opinions, to meddle, or to stand in their way and try to stop each other like those two can. In fact, Sonic is perhaps the only person who can get so up close and personal with Shadow as he can and say something to him that reaches his heart (though it often does not). In a sense, Sonic's kind of presence is troublesome to Shadow, but it is also one of the most important ones. Regardless of much of an impact they each have on each other, the two of them both share the philosophy of following their hearts' desires, which makes them colliding with each other, crossing paths with each other, and sometimes dividing into ally and enemy.

Rouge the Bat[]

Sonic and Rouge the Bat do not seem to have any dislike for each other, despite the latter having antagonized Sonic's friends, notably Knuckles, on various occasions. In fact, they appear to be on good terms. They were initially enemies when they first met (though they did not interact until much later), mainly because Rouge was working with Shadow and Dr. Eggman, but they became allies towards the end in order to save earth. Also, after Shadow's supposed death after defeating the Finalhazard, Sonic comforted Rouge by giving her Shadow's Inhibitor Ring, showing that he had come to care about Rouge's feelings.

Even when antagonized by Rouge herself, Sonic has yet to hold anything against her. Most noticeably, during the Emerl incident, Rouge challenged him to a battle; if she won, he would have to get her gems and work for her. Although Sonic managed to win, he did not hold any grudge against her as seen later on. Later, Sonic even let Emerl say hello to Rouge, which suggests Sonic somehow trusts her. However, even Sonic noted during the Wisp incident that she is a shady character, suggesting that he knows he has to be careful around Rouge due to her mercenary nature.

At his birthday party, Rouge was shown to be one of the attendees. Sonic likewise treated her like all of his other friends, which shows a friendly relationship between them. Additionally, Rouge would return this friendship by showing up to motivate Sonic to defeat the Time Eater during the final battle.

Although they do get along with each other quite well, they still have been on opposing sides on a few occasions, like during the Neo Metal Sonic incident when Team Sonic and Team Dark fought in Lost Jungle, and during the Emerl incident when she kidnapped Emerl to train him to be a thief. He also told her that if she did something to Emerl, he would not let her off easily. Also, when Rouge was introduced to Emerl, she gave them an idea to help Emerl, but Sonic refused, calling her "a thief". Whether this means their friendship has grown since then or that Sonic just does not trust her completely is yet to be seen. While there is technically no hostility between the two, Sonic, along with Tails and Knuckles, displayed some noticeable disgust towards Rouge's selfishness during the second World Grand Prix where she and Shadow held no empathy for their teammate E-10000B, and exerted him past his limits in order to get the cash prize.

Overall, Sonic sees Rouge as a "dependable suspect", though the "suspect" part never bugs him as he deems it to be part of the "thrilling appeal" of Rouge. This means that Sonic can be confident about the accuracy of the information Rouge brings to him and her ability to search for it at all times. However, she often hides more important information or the real purpose of giving him the information from him, so he must always be on his guard around her, or otherwise, she will take advantage of him. When Sonic does find himself duped and usurped by Rouge, he is understandably miffed about it, and will therefore make sure that he gets the last laugh. Nonetheless, he is not willing compete with her over something as a Chaos Emerald, which does not belong to anyone in particular, when the world is not in immediate danger, showing a respect for Rouge's desire for jewels.

Most of the time, the conversations between Sonic and Rouge are often "probing", camouflaged by jokes, but Sonic loves to joke and talk lightly, while Rouge is a sarcastic person. Still, both Sonic and Rouge enjoy these conversations that play out their "good-natured" rivalry, and can think of each other as people they can rely on in times of need, with appropriate levels of trust and caution. Rouge's presence in Sonic's life brings many new developments to the adventures he goes through.

Cream the Rabbit[]

Cream the Rabbit is basically like a younger sister to Sonic. Cream similarly looks up to Sonic like an older brother. Sonic first met Cream and her Chao companion Cheese during the incident where Dr. Eggman kidnapped the pair, thus leaving it to Sonic to rescue them. After saving the pair, Sonic was amazed by Cream's politeness. Afterward, Sonic ran off to settle the score with Eggman, only for Cream to come along in order to save her mother. Towards the end of this adventure, where Eggman kidnapped Vanilla in front of Cream, Sonic's resolve to stop Eggman was strengthened upon seeing Cream weep over the loss of her mother, prompting Sonic to go Super Sonic and save the day, much to Cream's eternal gratitude.

Because their first meeting was so brief, there was no deeper interaction between Sonic and Cream. However, it seemed that the small and polite Cream left an impression on him. Since then, they have teamed up on a number of adventures, with Cream proving to be an asset to Sonic many times. Even so, Sonic is still concerned with Cream's safety and is well aware that her young age makes her less experienced and more vulnerable than his other companions. For example, when they met during the Gemerl incident, Sonic mainly took Cream with him on his adventure because she was not safe unchaperoned. Sonic thus actively tries not to involve Cream in some of his more dangerous adventures, even when she follows him around trying to convince him to let her tag along.

When interacting with each other, Sonic never raises his voice in front of Cream. Instead, he always talks calmly and gently on the same level as her while using a lot of encouraging gestures. During the Time Eater incident for example, Sonic encouraged her bravery while she was turned to stone by the Time Eater with a thumbs up and a smile. However, he sometimes has trouble finding the right words when needing to tell Cream that she is too young to go on some of his more dangerous adventures, as he knows Cream does not enjoy being treated like a little kid. Even so, Sonic recognizes Cream's thirst for adventure and desire to get involved in the same experiences as him. Sonic is similarly willing to offer Cream words of encouragement when she feels down. In order to make her understand what the best adventures for her mean, Sonic has also taught Cream that being on an adventure means being both kind and strong. This has helped Cream understand that by just showing kindness towards others while Sonic supplies the muscle, she can still have the best adventures with Sonic without having to endanger herself.

During their adventures together, Sonic has shown that Cream can rely on him like an older brother to keep her safe and make everything turn out well. Even Sonic cannot stop himself from sometimes petting Cream and feeling the need to protect her like he actually was her older brother.

Team Chaotix[]

Team Chaotix is a group of detectives for hire and another faction of Sonic's trusted friends and allies. They are also the only detectives Sonic knows. Sonic first met Team Chaotix during the climax of the Neo Metal Sonic incident. There, the group agreed to back Sonic and his team up by occupying Metal Sonic while Sonic and his team prepared to take him down with the Chaos Emeralds. Since then, Sonic and Team Chaotix have been on good terms, with the team even coming to attend Sonic's birthday party during the Time Eater incident, which seems to hint that they are close friends. When it comes to trusting Team Chaotix's detective work though, Sonic has his doubts about their capabilities and does not necessarily think highly about them in that field, having once noted that following a lead from Team Chaotix was a "dumb idea." Nonetheless, Sonic seems to trust Team Chaotix to be ready for action when he is. Also, while he may get confused by how this strange group of people manage to stick together, he does not really dislike the bonds they share.

Sonic has unique relationships with each of Team Chaotix's members. In regards to Vector the Crocodile, Sonic keeps a casual friendship with him. Having earned Vector's recognition, the two of them hang out from time to time as friends and they do not shy away from making fun of one another in a relaxed manner. Sonic in particular likes poking fun at Vector for his shortcomings, including his agency's almost perpetual work drought and his big mouth (figuratively and literally). Vector also seems to respect and relate to Sonic's free-spirited nature, which make them hit it off well. Occasionally though, their big egos have made them clash. Sonic can likewise get caught unprepared by Vector's positive attitude and proclamations of professionalism, especially when he relies on him to verify them, although he is supportive enough to not directly disagree with Vector's claims. When they work together, Sonic has also been known to have issues with Vector’s messy and outlandish investigation skills. Despite this, Sonic can rely on Vector when the situation calls for it, like when Vector helped him by giving him the support needed to take down the Time Eater. He has also been surprised and even impressed by Vector's kindheartedness, keen intellect, and trust. Notably, Sonic is able to look through Vector's goofy façade and is willing to put his faith in him when he recognizes that there is defined method in his otherwise unconventional methods. Also, at the end of the day, they are willing to acknowledge each other for being more than meets the eye.

In regards to Espio the Chameleon, Sonic has a bit more respect for him than Vector, taking the warnings he gives him quite seriously. However, he does not hold his profession as a detective in high regards, as he playfully thinks that he is just "playing" detective. Nonetheless, Sonic appreciates Espio's recognition of his skills, and has even managed to earn the straight-laced chameleon's respect. Espio even once offered Sonic to join him on the path of ninjutsu, although Sonic declined, thinking this path was "a bit too narrow" for him. Sonic similarly recognizes Espio's militaristic drive to improve himself, although being the easy-going person he is, it makes him advise Espio to not push himself too hard. Also, while the two of them have been on opposite sides once, Sonic can rely on Espio when the situation calls for it, like when Espio helped him by giving him the support needed to take down the Time Eater.

Charmy Bee is the youngest member of Team Chaotix, and also the one Sonic arguably has the simplest relationship with. Sonic in particular has earned both Charmy's respect and admiration with his skills and speed, causing Charmy to look up to him and praise him with child-like enthusiasm. Sonic is also amazed by Charmy, although not so much by his personality or skills, but rather by how surprisingly scatterbrained and carefree the young bee can be, even when on a serious job with his colleagues. He is likewise confused and puzzled by Charmy's mindset and overall behavior. Regardless, Sonic can rely on Charmy when the situation calls for it, like when Charmy helped him by giving him the support needed to take down the Time Eater.

Blaze the Cat[]

Blaze the Cat is one of Sonic's friends and a valuable ally of his. However, they did not get off on the right foot. When they first met during the Sol Emerald incident, the mysterious attitude that Blaze showed Sonic when their paths first crossed made Sonic concerned that she had a part in Eggman Nega's latest scheme. After learning that Blaze was opposing Eggman Nega as well and trying to resolve the current crisis, albeit alone, however, Sonic became more friendly towards her and tried to encourage her to seek aid, only to be rejected. Sensing some oddness in Blaze's response, Sonic kept following Blaze. However, Blaze's refusal to let Sonic get entangled in her affairs eventually let to Blaze trying to make Sonic leave by force. After their fight however, Sonic had come to understand that Blaze had had a rough past and encouraged her to not assume too much responsibility and be true to herself. This advice helped Blaze realize that she could allow herself to rely on others if she let her guard down. The two of them became real friends afterwards and would subsequently help each other resolve the crisis brought on by Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega. Since then, Sonic and Blaze have steadily become better friends and allies.

Sonic, especially during their first adventure together, found Blaze way too tense and harsh after hearing her threats of using lethal force to stop Eggman Nega, as well as a bit overzealous. However, he mellowed out about his opinions of her as he came to understand Blaze's rough past. In addition, after they became friends, Sonic would come to establish a firm belief in Blaze, insisting that believing in a friend is a part of friendship as well. Over time, Sonic and Blaze have come to share a great deal of mutual respect and trust. This became evident when Sonic entrusted her to save Cream, while Blaze trusted him to face Eggman Nega on her behalf. Also, like Blaze respects Sonic and his skills, Sonic has acknowledged Blaze's. Also, whenever Blaze's emotions get the better of her, Sonic will be there to remind her of what is important and to stay cool. They have also displayed an occasional custom where they shake hands when they depart, signifying their growing friendship and the promise to meet once more.

Sonic and Blaze are alike in many ways, having similar skills and self-assumed duties. On the other hand, they possess very different backstories and contrasting traits, the most obvious of them being Sonic and Blaze's "free" and "stoic" personalities: Sonic is inwardly free and adventurous, yet outwardly level-headed and cool, whereas Blaze is outwardly stoic and blunt, yet inwardly highly emotional. When it comes down to it, Sonic's way of life is vastly different from Blaze's. However, Sonic's way of living life like an adventure also means that there is no enjoyment to be found in it if one does not follow their own rules, which demands a strong and flexible mind; in other words, it does not just mean being lax. It is thanks to this perspective that Blaze has been able to achieve some of the results that are nothing short of admirable and have brought smiles to many faces. As such, Blaze respects Sonic's way of life to a certain extent, because he has a different perspective and approach, but also produces results that overlap with the direction she is aiming for.

Sonic is responsible for many changes in Blaze's outlook on life; their time together has enabled Blaze to understand the meaning of friendship which ultimately let her to discovering the true power of the Sol Emeralds and how to use them, and his advices have made Blaze come to understand that her pyrokinetic powers were not the curse she made them out to be.

A far as his present-day relationship with Blaze goes, Sonic has been show to welcome Blaze's distant and noble earnestness that does not let her get up close and personal with people easily. Sonic recognizes as well that while there has been a change in Blaze's heart since their first adventure together, which he has happily welcomed, he knows that the roots in Blaze's nature still makes her shy and withdrawn. Also, because of her sense of responsibility, Blaze tends to push herself to solve things on her own, but Sonic does not stop her from doing so any more than necessary. This may be due to how Sonic respects Blaze's freedom to do what she wants. However, he also seems to respect her personal principles of doing the best she can with pride in the position she is in, which he does not have. It is because of Blaze's endearing trails that Sonic is able to trust and cooperate with her when the time comes. They are also shown to be great partners in combat, displaying a brilliant coordination that makes it hard to believe that they do not see each other often.

Additionally, the situation of living in different dimensions also affects Sonic's relationship with Blaze. Fundamentally, since they both live in different worlds, it is for the best that they take care of their own world. While they respect and honor that, they also cooperate with each other in times of real trouble. This is a difficult balance to achieve, but so far it seems to have been adjusted to some extent by the guidance of the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds. And the fact that Sonic and Blaze are the ones who are responsible for this is another interesting aspect of their relationship.

Silver the Hedgehog[]

Silver the Hedgehog is a good friend and friendly rival of Sonic's. They originally met during the Solaris incident, where Silver started out as a lethal enemy to Sonic, as Silver believed (at the time) that killing Sonic would prevent the event that would devastate his era. Even with Silver seeking his death though, Sonic was far more lenient towards Silver, a prime example of this being Sonic checking up on Silver to see if he was okay after beating him in their first fight. However, letting his guard down around Silver would result in Sonic putting his life at risk. Even so, Sonic did not seem to carry a grudge at Silver for his attempts at his life; after Silver appeared to help Sonic save Elise from Dr. Eggman and explained that "circumstances have changed", Sonic quickly teamed up with Silver with a smile on his lips, and proceeded to work together with him. Towards the end, Sonic would as well impress Silver with his faith in him and willingness to help save his era as well. At that point, Sonic appreciated Silver for everything he had done for him. Due to a time paradox pulled off by Sonic and Elise however, Sonic and Silver's first encounter was erased from history, causing them to forget their friendship.

Sonic and Silver eventually met again during the Onyx Island incident. In this encounter, Sonic was annoyed by Silver's impatient and pushy attitude, but nonetheless gladly welcomed the challenge he gave him when they competed to get to Eggman Nega first. He would occasionally even tease Silver with clues he had been missing. In the end though, the two of them put their differences aside and worked together to stop Eggman Nega's master plan. When they later met again during the Ifrit incident, Sonic had become more tolerant of Silver's attitude, as demonstrated by how Sonic casually greeted Silver in spite of the latter's impatience, while retaining his competitiveness towards Silver. When not competing with each other though, Sonic and Silver are much more relaxed towards each other; when they met during the Wisp incident, Sonic and Silver were able to maintain a friendly and positive-minded conversation, and Silver was even willing to offer Sonic his help with the current crisis.

Nowadays, Sonic and Silver are very friendly towards each other. Sonic in particular has gotten Silver's respect and unwavering support to rely on; during Sonic's final showdown with the Time Eater, Silver came to Sonic's aid by giving him the support needed to take down said monster. Regardless, they still retain a friendly rivalry; during the Time Eater incident in particular, whenever Sonic would challenge him to a fight, Silver would note that their showdown was going to be a fun activity.

In regards to what kind of person Silver is to Sonic, there is no doubt that Sonic values Silver's character because of his abilities and his positive mental attitude. To put it in another way, one could say that Silver is a reliable person who has something that Sonic does not. This "something" is namely Silver's tendency to deal with things too head-on because of the strength of his feelings and how he usually takes everything upon himself, unlike Sonic who is always calm and cool and free to act as he pleases. However, Sonic recognizes the appeal of the qualities Silver has as they are an aspect of his purity and endearing virtues. Also, while they have not had many adventures where the two of them spend a lot of time together, when they do team up, they are good buddies who can make up for each other's shortcomings.

Jet the Hawk[]

Sonic has been rivals with Jet the Hawk since they first met, and their dynamic relationship is based on their competitive nature and distinct respect for one another. The main difference in personality between Sonic and Jet, however, is that they both have giant egos which are portrayed in different ways. Sonic's ego comes from his positive attitude and belief that he can do anything whereas Jet's comes from thinking he is better than everyone. This causes their personalities to clash.

In their first meeting, Sonic lost to Jet in an Extreme Gear chase, but rather than being upset, Sonic eagerly recognized him as a worthy new rival. Early on though, Sonic's rivalry with Jet was rather one-sided, and Jet would often anger Sonic with his constant mockery of him. Nevertheless, Sonic recognized Jet's skills as an Extreme Gear rider and kept a professional, yet competitive, attitude around him. Eventually, Sonic settled his own dispute with Jet after he beat him in a race. Soon after, they would establish a more friendly relationship based on mutual respect, and promised each other to compete again later, though they still remain firm rivals.

Despite their rivalry, Sonic and Jet are willing to put aside their differences when a greater threat is present. In fact, they have teamed up on a few occasions.

Since defeating Jet, Sonic has kept a more relaxed and tolerant attitude towards Jet, taking his insults and rash determination to beat him in stride. Nevertheless, their rivalry remains as strong as ever, and Sonic will gladly, if given the right opportunity, race him for fun. However, even when determined to beat Jet, Sonic does not wish to have any unfair advantages, and will give Jet the chance to race him at his best. Despite how many times they face each other, their rivalry has seemingly no end in sight, although Sonic always looks forward to his next rematch with Jet.

Princess Elise[]

Sonic and Princess Elise the Third had a very close relationship with each other, and they shared a strong bond. Mephiles was aware of this, and decided to take advantage of it, so he killed Sonic which caused Elise to cry, which freed Iblis. Elise later revived Sonic with the Chaos Emeralds, kissing him as he awakens as Super Sonic. Sonic was very grateful towards Elise, thanking her with a hug. After the defeat of Solaris, Sonic and Elise found Solaris in its frail, core form. She theorized that by putting out the flame now, Solaris would have never existed, which would make it so that she would never have met Sonic. Elise nearly broke down and declared that she did not care what happened to the world, but Sonic simply reminded her to smile, convincing her to be brave and blow out Solaris. This event instantly resulted in a time reboot. In the aftermath, Sonic watched the Festival of the Sun in the distance as Elise sensed something familiar about his presence.

Marine the Raccoon[]

Marine the Raccoon is a good friend of Sonic from Blaze's world, as they quickly befriended each other soon after meeting. When making herself captain, Marine declared Sonic one of her assistants despite Sonic never agreeing to it. Sonic was likewise genuinely annoyed by Marine's antics, her bossy behavior, and the way she insisted that he followed her orders. Though Marine would get jealous at Sonic for tackling their more dangerous enemies, she admires his skills and marked him as her "best pupil" and deputy captain. Despite this, Sonic was willing to endure it, as he often noted how "hopeless" a case Marine was.

When Marine learned that Sonic thought of her as a nuisance, she felt betrayed and called him stupid. They later made up though when Marine stopped bossing Sonic around. When Sonic later departed Marine's home with Tails, Marine earned his respect with a newfound sense of maturity and told him how he and Tails were the best friend ever. Though she cried at Sonic's departure, she vowed to meet him and Tails again no matter the boundaries.


When Sonic first met Shahra, she asked for his help so that he could save her world from the Erazor Djinn. While Sonic agreed to help, he could only go into Shahra's world on one condition; he had to wear a ring and have her serve as his wish granter. Although Shahra was bound to treat Sonic as his master from then on and would refer to him "Master" on several occasions after that, Sonic would feel uncomfortable about this title and insist that she referred to him by his real name.

Like his other allies, Sonic would go to great lengths to keep Shahra safe. This led him to take the shot from Erazor Djinn's Flame of Judgment curse when he tried to cast it on Shahra. With the curse slowly burning away Sonic's life force, Shahra regretted getting Sonic involved in her world's affairs. Not wanting Shahra to feel sad, Sonic promised her with a pinky swear that he would have her smiling at the end of this adventure, not as her master but as a friend.

Throughout their adventures, Sonic would often annoy Shahra with his reckless behavior and easy-going attitude. Nevertheless, they were never apart from one another, and Sonic often received helpful advice from Shahra. Also, while Sonic was curious about Shahra's relationship with the Erazor Djinn, he respected Shahra's privacy enough to not press her for details when she was reluctant to reveal it. Regardless, towards the end of their adventure, the two of them had built up a relationship of great trust, enough for Shahra to tell Sonic about her own wish: for the Arabian Nights to go back to the way they were.

When the time came to face Erazor, Sonic, much to his shock, saw Shahra force herself to obey Erazor. Refusing to let Shahra go through with this and let her wish be in vain, Sonic commanded her, as her master for the first time, to do what she truly thought was right. This caused Shahra to faint. When Shahra later took a lethal blow from Erazor to protect Sonic, Sonic assured her in her final moments that he held no ill will against her for bringing him into this mess in spite of what she thought herself. Later, Sonic forced Erazor to revive Shahra with the first of the three wishes he was forced to grant him, hinting that he prioritized Shahra before anything else. After then sealing Erazor away, which made Shahra cry, Sonic wished for a mountain of handkerchiefs so she could cry for as long as she needed to.

Erazor Djinn[]

Sonic has been enemies with the Erazor Djinn ever since he found out that the Djinn had been erasing the pages of the Arabian Nights. Being against any form of evil, Sonic tried to stop him from carrying out his ambitions.

When meeting him, Sonic casually treated Erazor like any other power-hungry despot he had faced by showing no fear of him and teasing him with his carefree banter. However, he came to dislike Erazor greatly for constantly calling him a rat, and would attempt again and again to remind him that he was a hedgehog. Meanwhile, Erazor initially just saw Sonic as an insignificant vermin. However, when Sonic took the Flame of Judgment for Shahra in their first encounter, Erazor decided to use Sonic and told him to gather the seven World Rings for him before the Flame of Judgement burned out, or he would die.

Throughout their subsequently encounters, Sonic would casually ask Erazor to remove the curse he had place on him while both teasing him and maintaining his bravado in the face of the Djinn's malice. When Sonic finally arrived with the World Rings however, Erazor betrayed him, and attempted to kill him to gain full access to the World Rings' power. After defeating Erazor, Sonic, using Erazor's Magic Lamp, wished for Erazor to bring Shahra back to life, restore the Arabian Nights, and spend eternity trapped in his lamp, all of which Erazor has no choice but to do. Sonic also showed disappointment in Erazor as he got dragged into his lamp while begging for Shahra to help him.

Knights of the Round Table[]

When Sonic and the Knights of the Round Table first met, they started off as enemies, as the formers were ordered to slay Sonic on sight by King Arthur. However, Sonic's adversarial relationship with the group came to an end when he gained their respect, and when they realized Arthur was a fake. Individually, Sonic would often make comparisons to their counterparts, and kept a casual, yet vigilant attitude around them.

When Sonic first met Sir Lancelot (the alternate reality doppelgänger of Shadow), who challenged him to a duel, Sonic displayed an attitude similar to the one he shows towards Shadow; a competitive, but fierce demeanor. Despite this, Lancelot had a small degree of respect for Sonic, as he respectfully acknowledged him as a worthy adversary.

Sir Gawain (the alternate reality doppelgänger of Knuckles) held an inhospitable attitude towards Sonic, and accused him of trying to steal a dragon's treasure before attempting to slay Sonic. Sonic however, was reluctant to fight Gawain since he was in a hurry to save some villagers, and would admit out loud that he was a knucklehead, much like Knuckles. Regardless, Sonic later stopped Gawain from committing suicide. Sonic would then slightly open Gawain's eyes to new possibilities when he asked him if there was more to being a knight than serving a king.

Initially, Sir Percival (the alternate reality doppelgänger of Blaze) was another adversary of Sonic. However, it was not until Sonic came after her sword that they met. In comparison to the other knights, Percival was the only one who showed Sonic respect from the beginning. She then challenged him, under the name "Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind", being the first person to call him that. After Sonic defeated her, Percival fell off a ledge, but was saved by Sonic. Although Percival was confused by Sonic's act of chivalry, she nonetheless did not object to this. Percival would later repay Sonic's kindness by being the first of the Knights of the Round Table to show faith in him when he came to them with news about their king.

Chip (Sonic Unleashed)[]

Chip is a dear and good friend to Sonic. When Chip first met Sonic, he was afraid of his Werehog form, but he soon realized he was a good person. When Sonic then told Chip that he would help him recover his lost memories, Chip quickly took a liking to Sonic and thanked him wholeheartedly. In addition, Chip subconsciously felt kindness in Sonic and wanted him to help him.

Chip spent most of his time next to Sonic, and soon formed a great friendship with him. Chip also enjoyed participating in friendly competitions with Sonic, like when they fought for the last dumpling in Chun-nan. However, Chip was sometimes a nuisance to Sonic due to his naïve frankness would occasionally annoy him, although he never had a bad intention. Also, when he accidentally caused Sonic to become depressed with his Werehog form, Chip tried to cheer him up.

After recovering his memories, Chip was deeply grateful to Sonic for everything he had done for him. However, he did not want Sonic to get involved in his conflict with Dark Gaia and he tried to leave. However, Sonic persuaded him to help him anyway, insisting that he needed no reason to help a friend, and Chip thanked him. During his battle with Dark Gaia, Chip prioritized Sonic's well-being whenever he was weak, such as when he was weakened by the loss of Dark Gaia energy or when he fell unconscious after defeating Perfect Dark Gaia. When the last continent fell and they had to leave, Chip gave him a goodbye before returning him to the surface. There, Chip contacted Sonic telepathically, telling him that he would never forget him and that he would always be with him.

Wisps (Sonic Colors)[]

Sonic has a very loving relationship with the Wisp race of aliens. Sonic first encountered these alien beings during the Wisp incident in Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, where his first action upon seeing Yacker and a Cyan Wisp being hunted by Dr. Eggman's henchmen was saving them from capture. This small, but significant gesture, earned Sonic the trust of the Wisp race, and thus the Wisps' permission to use their Color Powers. The first Wisp Sonic personally befriended in particular was Yacker, who would not only become a good friend to Sonic, but also a vital supporter in his efforts to liberate the remaining Wisps in Dr. Eggman's captivity. In the meantime, the other Wisps served as Sonic's powerful assistants, giving him the edge to overcome many of the obstacles during the Wisp incident. Eventually, the Wisps had become very grateful to Sonic, so much that they saved his life when Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park imploded and saved Sonic's world from a black hole made from Hyper-go-on.

To Sonic, the Wisps are good-natured playmates, and the two parties share a mutual love for one another. Because the Wisps love to play, and Sonic loves to have fun, they get along very well. In addition, thanks to the Wisps' Color Powers Sonic is able to make his runs faster, more fun, and more varied. The Wisps are likewise fun for Sonic to run with. In the end, Sonic could not ask for better playmates than the Wisps. Their adventures throughout the Wisp incident have likewise made Sonic and the Wisps best friends. As such, they will play together when they meet and rush to the aid of each other whenever something happens. Also, while they may not be able to communicate verbally without a translator, they can always communicate with each other with their hearts, giving them a very good heart-to-heart relationship.

The Deadly Six[]

The Deadly Six are some of the most despised enemies Sonic has ever faced. Unlike his past foes whom he has never viewed as actual enemies, the Deadly Six are the only ones Sonic has shown true contempt for.

Sonic first met the Deadly Six while they were under Eggman's control, where he treated them with confident mockery like any foe. However, when Sonic recklessly got rid of the Cacophonic Conch used to control the Deadly Six, they rebelled and planned to destroy the world, making Sonic responsible for the subsequent danger to the planet. As such, Sonic set out to stop them with more seriousness. He soon grew extremely hostile towards them when they captured Tails, an act of which made Sonic lose his cool for once. As he sought to save Tails, Sonic threatened the Deadly Six with aggressiveness and spite which only intensified as Zavok taunted him with his plans to roboticize Tails and his friends' apparent deaths. By the time of their final showdown, Sonic was thoroughly tired of them and threatened them aggressively when he thought they had turned Tails into a robot. In the end though, Sonic defeated the Deadly Six and got Tails back, redeeming himself and proving himself the hero he is.

When encountering Zavok again (or rather, his Phantom Copy) aboard the Death Egg, his demeanor towards him was more laid back, as evidenced by Sonic engaging in his usual confident mockery towards Zavok both prior to and immediately after the fight.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic)|Classic Sonic (Sonic Generations)[]

Sonic is shown to be on very good terms with Classic Sonic. When they first met during the Time Eater incident, they were left somewhat confused about standing face-to-face with another one of themselves, although they put that aside to sort out the crisis at hand. After that, they quickly forged a bond based on their common interest in the adventure they faced together.

Due to having so many things in common with each other, Sonic and Classic Sonic have demonstrated great collaboration and teamwork in battle. Overall, Sonic and Classic Sonic share a great degree of mutual respect and admiration for each other, and Sonic seems to enjoy teaching Classic Sonic techniques he has yet to learn, such as the Homing Attack and the Boost.


Sonic first encountered Infinite in the City, where he was beaten easily by the mysterious henchman of Dr. Eggman. Later, when encountering Infinite at Mystic Jungle and had his first formal meeting with Infinite, Sonic dismissed the latter's insinuation that his sweat was due to fear and explained he ran all the way to the location to save Silver, and also proceeded to smugly explain to Infinite that the latter failed to leave an impression on him at all despite the earlier beating, not even knowing his name. Upon learning it, however, Sonic, in his trademark banter, then tried to get Infinite to reveal the secret to his power, although Infinite refused to divulge the ability. He also expressed some annoyance at the latter's reference to him as a "sewer rat."

Avatar (Sonic Forces)[]

Sonic met the Avatar after the former escaped from the Death Egg and latter having arrived with a shuttle to rescue him. Together they proceeded to team up on various missions. He ultimately inspired the Avatar to not give in to their fear against Infinite. Likewise, the Avatar was shown to be loyal to Sonic, making an attempt at saving him from the Null Space, and ultimately succeeding, despite being sucked in with him. After the war was over, Sonic suggested they would see them around when the Avatar went their own way and took their leave from the Resistance after it was disbanded.

Apperances in other media[]


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog[]

In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic is a world-roaming Freedom Fighter with a lifestyle similar to a tramp, who fiercely defends the citizens ofMobius from the evil schemes of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his lackeys Scratch andGrounder in several comical adventures.

One day, Sonic came across a young orphan named Miles Prower and was persuaded to adopt him as his younger brother, as the young fox had no one to live with. Naming him new brother "Tails", they two of them became as close as a real family. While Sonic has his trademark attitude, he also tries his best to stand out as a responsible role model for the innocent Tails.

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog television series, Sonic lived in Mobotropolis with Princess Sallyand the future Freedom Fighters during their childhood until Dr. Robotnik invaded the kingdom, enslaved the people with the Roboticization technology and took control of the planet.

Sonic and his friends managed to escape the tyrant by fleeing into the Great Forest where they built a village named Knothole to hide from Robotnik. There Sonic, Sally, and the others then formed the Freedom Fighters and began a ten year long battle with Dr. Robotnik to take back their planet, with Sonic being one of the main leaders and their primary agent. After many battles and guerilla tactics, Sonic and Sally defeated Robotnik when the doctor launched his Doomsday Project.

Sonic Underground[]

In Sonic Underground, Sonic was born as the heir to the throne of Mobius, along with his siblings, Manic and Sonia. Shortly after their birth however, their mother Queen Aleena was dethroned by Dr. Robotnik and they became wanted, but the Oracle of Delphius prophecized that Aleena and her children would one day defeat Robotnik together, but only if she left her children in the care of others until then.

Sonic himself was left in the care of a regular family. During his early childhood, however, his adopted family was captured and roboticized. He then joined his Uncle Chuck and the Freedom Fighters in the battle against Robotnik over the next many years. One day however, Sonic was approached by the Oracle who revealed to him his origin and family. Sonic soon after reunited with his siblings and together they formed the band Sonic Underground where they fought Robotnik while searching for their mother.

In this media, Sonic possess a medallion that transforms into an electric guitar/laser rifle.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie[]

In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Sonic lives on Planet Freedom and is one of the defenders of the Land of the Sky, alongside Tails, who protects it from the evil Dr. Robotnik and his forces. He lives with Tails on their own private island.

One day, Sonic and Tails were called by Dr. Robotnik to battle an evil robot namedMetal Robotnik and save their planet from destruction. This was however a trick on Robotnik's behalf so the evil doctor could copy Sonic's data into his Hyper Metal Sonicrobot. After the doctor succeeded with his plan, Sonic worked together with his friends and allies to stop his metallic copy from destroying the world.

Sonic X[]

In the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics, Sonic originally lived on a parallel version of earth in another dimension. During one of his battles with Dr. Eggman, a massive Chaos Control blast occurred and Sonic, his friends and Dr. Eggman were transported to Earth. Shortly after arriving, Sonic nearly drowned in a pool, but was saved by Christopher Thorndyke, who Sonic became friends and lived with. In time, Chris came to have a strong bond with Sonic as he lived a lonely life since his famous parents were always busy.

Sonic eventually settled down on this new world with his friends and became a famous hero among the human population as he and his friends protected the world from Dr. Eggman as the doctor continuously attempted to conquer earth. Eventually, Sonic and everyone from his world were forced to return home as their presence threatened to freeze time. Before Sonic could return home however, Chris, who did not want him to leave, ran off with him, but Sonic eventually made Chris come to terms with his feelings and Sonic returned home.

Six months after coming back home, Sonic teamed up with his friends and Chris, who had just arrived in Sonic's dimension, to fight the Metarex, an alien race of cyborgs that was a threat to the safety of the entire galaxy. With everyone's aid, Sonic managed to defeat the Metarex and their leader Dark Oak and saved the galaxy. Upon returning to his home planet, Sonic had his goodbye with Chris, who went home, and Sonic himself went back to his normal battles with Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Boom[]

In the Sonic Boom franchise, Sonic is the leader of Team Sonic, a group of heroes who protects Bygone Island and the earth at large from Dr. Eggman and his legion of robots. Though initially kind of a loner, the many trials Sonic faced during his battles against Lyric taught him the importance of teamwork, and he has since grown into a capable and admirable team-mate and leader.


Sonic's first comic appearance was in a promotional comic printed in Disney Adventures magazine, which established an origin for Sonic involving the transformation of kindly scientist Doctor Ovi Kintobor into the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Numerous British publications, including "Sega handbook" Stay Sonic (1993), four novels published by Virgin Books (1993–1994) and the comic book Sonic the Comic(1993–2002) used this premise as their basis.

The American comics published by Archie Comics, Sonic the Hedgehog (1993—present), Sonic X (2005—2009) and Sonic Universe (2009–present) are based on the settings established by earlier animated TV series, the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon and the Sonic X anime respectively.

In Japan, various Sonic manga have been published.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Shogakukan)[]

In the serialized manga series published by Shogakukan between 1992 and 1994, Sonic is the heroic alter ego of a young, timid hedgehog boy named Nikki. Nikki transforms into Sonic whenever he wishes he had the strength to overcome a dangerous or stressful situation, but nobody (even Nikki) is aware of this transformation.

Nikki's girlfriend Eimi also has a crush on Sonic, and Nikki's father Paulie, a pilot, claims that Sonic once saved his life long before Nikki was even born.

Archie Comics[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Sonic is a Freedom Fighter and the gratest and most famous hero on his world. Sonic was born during the Great War toJules and Bernadette Hedgehog and was originally named after his grandfathers (he later legally changed his named to "Sonic" with no offense to his forebears). While very young, he lost his parents to the first clandestine roboticizationexperiments. He was taken in by his uncle, Sir Charles Hedgehog, where he briefly played delivery boy for his uncle's chilidog stand while spending time inKnothole. Aside from his abnormal speed, Sonic was an average child.

Tragedy struck when Uncle Chuck was captured Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his forces following the doctor's takeover and roboticizied. Sonic and a few others were herded to Knothole by the Original Freedom Fighters who gave Sonic the inspiration that would make him a hero. From there, Sonic threw his full support behind the Knothole Freedom Fighters and fought to liberate the kingdom. Sonic playfully took on Dr. Robotnik's first few generations of badniks, growing in skill until, by his mid-teens, he was a true threat to Robotnik's forces and became a beacon of hope for the world.

As Sonic developed his incredible speed, his attitude became legendary. Irreverent, confident, impatient and energetic, Sonic fought constantly and eventually succeeded in overthrowing Dr. Robotnik, and continues the fight against his successor, Dr. Eggman. During his adventures, he has traveled the globe, and even traversed outer space, alternate dimensions, and time itself. He has been named the chosen hero of the multiverse, having throughout his endeavors faced down mad scientists, evil wizards, warmongering aliens and even gods. Following Operation: Clean Sweep though, Sonic met several loses that lead to the disbandment of the Freedom Fighters, making him assume leadership of Team Fighters to continue the fight. When the secondGenesis Wave was unleashed, Sonic teamed up with Mega Man to bring their universes back to normal, though the timeline of Sonic's universe was forever altered in the process.

Sonic the Comic[]

In Sonic the Comic, Sonic was once an ordinary brown (though still fast) hedgehog on the planet Mobius. He encountered a kindly scientist namedDoctor Ovi Kintobor, who performed experiments on his speed. An explosion resulted in his spines fusing together and turning blue. A later experiment, involving Kintobor's attempts to rid Mobius of evil, transformed the good doctor into Ivo Robotnik. After several unsuccessful attempts to take over the world (as depicted in the first two Sonic games), Robotnik finally managed to conquer the planet by sending Sonic six months into the future. On his return, Sonic took it upon himself to form a group of Freedom Fighters to depose Robotnik, which they finally managed to do in the series' landmark 100th issue.

As in other continuities, Sonic is aided in his adventures by his loyal sidekickTails, as well as Amy Rose and original characters Porker Lewis, Johnny Lightfoot, Tekno the Canary and others. He has a friendly, though still quite intense, rivalry with Knuckles the Echidna, who frequently accuses Sonic of bringing trouble onto his Floating Island.

Sonic can turn into Super Sonic in this continuity without exposure to the Chaos Emeralds (because of a dose of radiation he received when the Emeralds were first brought together), but in this form he is out-of-control, bordering on psychotic and he attacks friends and enemies alike. The two were separated for an extended run, but re-united in the series' final story arc.


  • One of the few things that can actually scare Sonic is an enraged Amy chasing him with her Piko Piko Hammer.
  • His Sonic Boom and movie counterparts have blue arms (as opposed to flesh colored).
  • Despite water being his biggest weakness in the vast majority of continuity's, he was perfectly able to swim in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • Sonic Colors is the only canon game in which Sonic can swim, although it's portrayed as him jumping infinitely.
  • There is a genome named "Sonic hedgehog" after the character.
  • Every time Sonic appears in a band, he is either playing the guitar, or a Disc Jockey.
  • At one point in Sonic Unleashed, Eggman called Sonic a "hedge-pig". This may be a reference to the fact that "pig" can be synonymous with "hog" and "hedgepig" means "hedgehog" in Shakespearean language.
  • In 1993, Sonic was the first video game character to be seen in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
    • In 2011, a second balloon based off of Sonic's modern design appeared in the Thanksgiving Day Parade to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary.
  • His favorite food is chili dogs.
  • He along with Tails were infamously a part of a hoax that alleges them as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee though the hoax was eventually proven false, however it was stated the Sonic could of been added in to the game but the plan eventually fell through.
  • Sonic and his best friend Tails make a guest appearance in an OK KO: Let's Be Heroes! episode titled "Let's Meet Sonic".
  • Sonic makes his appearance in Ready Player One. He can also be briefly seen waiting in line for access to a portal in the OASIS. Sonic is also being seen during the final battle in the OASIS.
  • He was born on Christmas Island.
  • Sonic made an appearance in the YouTube series, Cartoon Beatbox Battles, when he went against his greatest rival, Mario, in the 8th episode and won. He also went against his friendly rival, the Black Panther (who previously won against Batman), in the 12th episode, but lost.
  • Sonic also fought Mario in the Internet series Death BATTLE! and won in the original version but lost against Mario in the remastered version
  • He also made two appearances in the popular Screwattack series DEATH BATTLE when he went against Mario in the 13th episode and won the 2011 version but lost the 2018 version
  • Sonic's favorite sport is baseball.
  • Similar to Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse, Sonic and Mario are best known for their friendly-rivalry and friendship, and they always get along with each other.
  • To celebrate Sonic's 30th birthday, he officially became a virtual YouTuber, voiced by his official Japanese voice actor Jun'ichi Kanemaru.
  • Sonic's favorite anime is Sonic X, as revealed in the "Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter Takeover".