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is a primary ally to the protagonist, Zack, in the online story, NES Godzilla Creepypasta. He appears to be the archenemy of the game's antagonist, Red. He is either a good monster or he is so fiercely opposed to Red, it comes to be the same result.  A ferocious animosity exists between the two, and at one time Solomon may have served Red, though in-story he vows to die before doing that. It is very likely one betrayed the other at some point, and this has never been forgotten or forgiven. Solomon has powers and strength that seem to exceed that of Godzilla himself, or at least the version presented in the classic 1988 NES game, Godzilla, Monster Of Monsters. Solomon's skills still appear to be dwarfed by those of the satanic Red, though.06:11NES Godzilla Creepypasta Chapter 1 Earth & Mars


Zack acquires a used NES system along with the 1988 NES Godzilla game. At first, he dismisses some differences and glitches as being faulty memories and a dusty cartridge, but slowly he comes to realize the game is possessed by an entity that played a part in the worst night of his life.The so-called glitches escalate to a point that Zack can no longer dismiss them. The game begins to produce graphics and sound well past anything the old NES could even dream of. Monsters from later and even much later in the Godzilla film series begin to appear, that were never in the game before. By the time Zack sees Lovecraftian creatures in the game, his ability to turn away is rapidly diminishing. But a new monster option appears in the form of Solomon. More than once, his power and skill even out the odds as Red seeks to unnerve and destroy Zack. While Solomon is not the one to ultimately destroy Red, the ferocity of his resistance to the demon heartens Zack more than once, particularly when Solomon tells Red he would rather die than serve him.Solomon roughly resembles an anthropomorphized daikaiju version of the briefly-seen Toho films Walrus Monster creature Maguma, from the 1962 feature film, Gorath, combined with some aspects of the daikaiju Varan, from the NES Godzilla game and the 1958 feature film, Varan The Unbelievable.Like Red, Solomon has become an unofficial fan favorite daikaiju.

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