Smarty ("Smart Ass" in the credits), voiced by the late David L. Lander, is the leader of the weasels, and ranked a sergeant by Judge Doom. He has brown fur and wears a light pink double headed zoot suit coat with a gold chain in the left pocket, a white dress shirt with a reddish pink, bejeweled tie, a light pink zoot hat and a darker pink rimband and spats on his feet. His weapon of choice is a revolver, though in the bar scene he is shown threatening Eddie Valiant with a switchblade. He commits a malapropism almost every time he speaks, such as when he says that a tip on Roger's whereabouts has been "corrugated" (corroborated) by several sources. Smart Ass proves to be the most disciplined of the weasels, as he has more control over his laughter and tries his best to get his cohorts to follow suit. He is third weasel to die, but unlike the others weasels, prolonged laughter was not the cause for his demise. Smart Ass dies when Eddie kicks him in the groin, sending him flying into the vat of dip.

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