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Sky is a character who appears in the Cartoon Network Total Drama series: "Total Drama Pahkitew Island (2014)".


Sky is an aspiring Olympian whose sights are firmly set on winning the game. Although Sky is not opposed to forming relationships along the way, she doesn't want them to get in between her and victory. Sky is a natural team player, a leader when needed, and strives to see the best in people, even refusing to 'trash talk' unless she is angered. She can be encouraging and will give advice to those who require it. A true white knight who plays by the book with a strong sense of good sportsmanship to match, Sky easily gets along with most of the other contestants. However, she is firmly, and sometimes aggressively against anyone who exhibits foul play. She also faces difficulty when her nerves and emotions get the better of her and cloud her judgement. She also seems to care a lot about winning, as she wanted to win Total Drama so she can win at the Olympics.


  • She first appeared in So Uh This My Team (2014).


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