• Name: SkullGreymon
  • Number: 49
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Kind: Skeleton
  • Type: Virus
  • Attacks: Dark Shot/ Double Dark Shot
  • Digivolutions: Dark Digivolution of Greymon 
    After Tai got his Crest of Courage (the first crest of the group), he was determined to get Agumon to Digivolve past Greymon and into a more powerful Digimon. Unfortunately, his wish came true when Etemon attacked the group with an evil Greymon. It was Greymon VS. Greymon for a while, and then Tai, obsessed with getting Greymon to Digivolve, jumped out in front of the evil Greymon. 
    Since this action counter-acted his crest's ideal, Courage (jumping out in front of an evil Greymon isn't courageous, it is STUPID), the good Greymon became corrupted. He then Digivolved into Skullgreymon and with one blast, he caused the end of the evil Greymon, and went on a rampage. As explained by Tentomon, "SkullGreymon is on a constant search for battles." He ran out of the stadium (in which the digidestined had run into Etemon) and continued to run until his power ran out and he transformed back into Koromon . Until they met up with Piximon, Agumon would not Digivolve, for fear of what he might become. 
    In Season 2, when the Digimon Emperor attempted to force Greymon to Digivolve to MetalGreymon, he instead turned into SkullGreymon and started wreaking havoc on everything in sight.
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