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Skoodge is a character in the Invader Zim series.


In the unaired episode "The Trial", Skoodge is the same age as Zim, Red & Purple and during his Smeet years he got blasted by the Irken security after he and Zim went up to the surface of their home planet, due to Zim's fun idea.

Skoodge is one of the few chosen ones to become an Invader. Skoodge was given the planet Blortch, home to the slaughtering Rat People (which was originally given to Invader Lard) due to being short. Skoodge then shed some tears after seeing his picture of himself being attacked by the slaughtering rat people.

Skoodge returns in the episode "Battle of the Planets", where he was the first Invader to conquer an enemy planet for Operation Impending Doom 2, Skoodge was proud but the Tallest were not as Skoodge prove that height had nothing to do for conquering a planet. Then Skoodge was gullible and went inside the laser canon and been shot through space and hit a planet. In "Hobo 13", Skoodge came back to pass the test so he can get promote him, Zim the calls him "Foolish gullible, Skoodge" (Zim was also tricked to do the test by the Tallest), Zim used Skoodge to past the test by using him as bait to lure a beast.

If the series had continued Skoodge would begin to live with Zim on Earth; in his house and would have appear in the unfinished episodes " Day of Da Spookies, Squishy: Hugger of Worlds, Top of the Line and Invader Zim".




  • In one of the few sketches of "Top of the Line" episode Skoodge's SIR Unit makes an appearance and it had long eyelashes, it could be a female SIR Unit.