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Skabb was the captain of the Pirates that captured Spyro. He is also responsible for the capture of Hunter, Cynder and Mole-Yair, as well as other various inhabitants. He is one of the bosses in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.

Skabb is ultimately killed by Spyro, backing up onto the plank in a wild show of pain before he plummets to the ocean below. The fate of his parrots and his fleet are unknown.


Skabb is very large and very strong, but not too bright. His tongue hangs out from his mouth and he has a large scar over his face. He has a large treasure chest strapped to his back, where Sniff mans a small cannon inside. He has only one arm. The other one is a hook that is attached to an elastic rope so that he can use it to get a longer range. He also has a mini cannon gun for one leg. Skabb also wields a huge cutlass.


Since Skabb is a little on the dumb side, the only things he can say are short, incomprehensible grumbles. He has two parrots, Scratch and Sniff, who speak for him. Scratch is intelligent and sarcastic, and he does the talking for Skabb, although it is never revealed how Scratch is able to understand Skabb. He sits on Skabb's left shoulder. He is brown and has a tail like a rat's, has only one eye and a stitch on his chest. The other one, Sniff, sits beside a chest that holds a small canon. He looks very much like Scratch, only he is purple, and has an eye patch on the opposite eye. He shouts insults and backtalks. He often calls people "fo's" which is slang for fool. After Spyro defeats Skabb, Scratch flies away, and Sniff gets knocked out (possibly killed) by Sparx, who couldn't take any more of his insults.