Shootes Malik is the ghost of a teenager African American boy, who was killed by gang members when he was Playing Grand Theft Auto V, he's very similar to Ben Drowned, but exeption of their death sentence. Malik was killed during the night at his home playing his video game, when a gang enter his house and attacked him, one of the shoot him erased his file and left him for dead. Then, the ghost of the teenage boy decided to haunt the game, a boy named Solonor1987 by his nickname go to the nmarket with his parents, and see a strange video game stand and see the video game disk marked with ink on it.The seller sealed him the game for thirty dollars, when Solonor finally got home he wanted to played it and put the disk in his Playstation, the game seem perfectly normal at first sight, but later he see a character whit dark and empty eyes with bullets holes all over his body, then the characters of the game tell the name of this character Solonor was now knowing he had seen the ghost of a teen boy killed by gang members haunting his game. This ghost only appear when his characters are attacked by gang members, Solonor see the young man getting closer to him and grabbed him, Solonor fight against him, but this monster was much stronger and put out a riffle out of his pocket, and presumably killed Solonor.

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