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Shirin is a character from the Whirl: Ada and Friends segment, "Bias and Birdies".

About Shirin

Otto, Ada, and Victor are heading to the park for a game of badminton, talking about how great it is to visit it, and all the great things about it when they find a girl they've never seen before on the badminton court at the park, bouncing a birdie on her racket. Victor asks who she is and Otto says she must be a new neighbor. Victor doubts this, as he says he knows all his neighbors and that she doesn't live next door to him nor across the street. When Ada goes off to approach her, he asks where she's going and Ada says she's going to see if the new girl wants to join them in playing badminton, as she thinks she's harmless. He doesn't think that's a good idea, since the girl is a stranger, but Ada says neighbors aren't just the people who live near one another. Otto and Victor watch Ada talk to the new girl. Victor is still unsure about this, but Otto thinks it's going well. The two girls head back towards the boys while Victor decides to hide by burrowing into the dirt made of recycled truck tires and tells Otto to do the same. Ada introduces the girl named Shirin to Otto and Victor. Shirin is pleased to meet them. When Victor responds about Shirin being a stranger once again, she asks whether he knows she can hear him. He emerges from the dirt and decides he'll partake in the badminton match, but he'll team up with Ada. As the match goes at a tepid pace, Victor comments on how boring this is. Otto asks him if he's looking to spice it up and Victor says he is, so Otto picks up the pace. In an effort to earn more points, Victor runs backwards and away from the court as he tries to aim at the birdie for a far shot. Otto and Ada try to tell Victor he's out of bounds, while Shirin asks if he knows he's out of play, he denies it. Ada tries to warn him he's about to fall in a lake. When Victor is about to fall in it, he tries to maintain his balance, but being the good Samaritan Shirin is, she comes to his aid and pulls on him, away from the water. Victor is surprised at her committing the good deed and asks about her coming to save him. She replies, "well, yeah". He has second thoughts about her and retracts his suspicion, misjudgment, and comments about her before, and overpraises her for her gesture. Being humble and nonchalant, but also slightly bothered and impatient, Shirin tells him he's being weird about it, he says he knows as that's what's commonly said about him and the segment ends with him telling her how to pull him back up just right as she continues to do so.

Physical Apperance

Shirin and her clothes are various shades of green. She is a slender girl with either a mint green or light moss green head, face, hands, and feet. She wears a light emerald green dupatta on her head, but the underside of it is dark green. The part of her hair that is shown is parted and dark green, and so are her eyes. Her dress has thick, grasshopper green and light emerald green stripes on it.


Shirin is nice, amicable, caring, and altruistic, putting others in need before herself. She's quick-witted and spontaneous, able to think on her feet easily. As far as committing any good deed is concerned, she is humble but nonchalant about it.


  • Bias and Birdies