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Shiori Nakamura or 中村 詩織(なかむら しおり)is a character from Rinkan Club (or The Group Sex Club), and from the CG-game (Rinkan Kurabu)(Lilith-Izm03 ~If Story Hen~)

"I'm a whore of wife"


A teacher who teaches English at Hayashikogakuin. She is a married gem with her college physical education teacher, Tomonobu Nakamura. She is the most popular teacher because she exudes a neat atmosphere, a glamorous body, a welcoming body for mothers and a sweet character. Many teachers and students lamented his marriage. She lives with her husband in a newlywed apartment a few minutes from her mother's house.


Everything is happening in the city of Hayashikoshi City. It’s a village surrounded by mountains on all sides. The population is about 12,000 people. The industries are mainly in agriculture and forestry. She was borned here and knows about the Rinkan Club. She lives an happy life, she is married and a great teacher. Her sister warned her about their mother situation but she did not trust her. But one night at school where she works, she will discover her mother in the nursery acting as a priestess such a perverted woman. She tried to stop that, she decided to become the new priestess to save her mother. The next day she is raped in the school toilets by the students who all reveal they fap on her during school. When she backs home she cum in the street in front of her sister. The next night her husband was lead in the gymnasium where he found Shiori naked with bondage and body writing with a lot of students. She is turned into a perverted woman and cum in front of her husband. She will finish the rest of her life with her mother, her sister and Motoko Tamura with the gang rape club.

Physical description

Hair: Black, Long, Parted in Middle, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs

Eyes: Brown

Body: Makeup, Pale, Young-adult

Clothes: Blouse, Bra, High Heels, Miniskirt, Panties, Ring


Aiko Katsuragi: Her mother, she loves her a lot

Katsuragi Maki: Her sister, she is protective and act like a mom with her

Katsuragi Toshio: Her father

Motoko Tamura: She is priestess with her

Katsuragi Mamoru: Her brother

Voice actor

She is dubbed by Hirokawa Kotone