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Shinta Mizumura for Holy Knights

Shinta Mizumura is the son of the head-priest of a certain shrine in Kyushu. Both his parents are dead and he was raised by his grandfather. On his grandfather's referral, he entered Saint Ritsumei Academy in Tokyo.


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Human


He is a teenage boy of average height with brown hair and hazel eyes.


Shinta is a kind boy who possesses a shy nature.

He is oblivious to matters involving love which is shown through interactions with his close friend Chizuru (who harbors romantic feelings for him) and Lilith (who makes advances towards him).

However, when someone he cares about is hurt or in danger, he will lose his usual meek nature and take on a vengeful nature which was shown when he angrily punched Plum for hurting Chizuru. This side of him usually shocks others even himself as following his confrontation with Plum, he noted that was the first time he punched someone.


Chizuru Makimura

Chizuru Makimura is Shinta's childhood friend from middle school and attends the same high school class with him. The two are very close and are constantly seen with each other so much so they are mistaken as a couple which causes embarrassment from the two as other characters joke about this. Chizuru loves Shinta very much and often tries to catch his attention or tell him how she feels about him. He is somewhat aware of her feelings for him but oblivious to the true depths of them which often frustrates Chizuru. He sometimes blushes whenever she makes advances on him and wonders if he's good enough for her, meaning he may reciprocate some of her feelings but doesn't thinks he's good enough for her.

However, he cares very deeply for her and will comfort her whenever she is crying or in a depression. When discovering that Plum did awful things to her, he angrily questioned the man and immediately attacked him (with his awaken powers) after he admitted with no remorse of his action. Shinta stood his ground against the man and swore to never forgive him for what he did to Chizuru. Chizuru was left in disbelief at Shinta's actions but was flattered that he defended her honor.


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