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The Sheriff of Nottingham is the central antagonist of Disney's 1973 feature film Robin Hood. He is the Sheriff (considering himself honorable) of Nottingham.



In contrast to Prince John, who is the mastermind behind the many plans to stop Robin Hood, the Sheriff is a more active antagonist, constantly fighting and attempting to capture Robin Hood. He is completely unsympathetic to the poverty of the town's people, using immoral ways to collect taxes such as forcing out the coins Otto had hidden in his leg cast, regardless of the pain the blacksmith would endure from his broken leg in the process, taking the one farthing Skippy had been given for his birthday and insincerely wishing him a happy birthday, taking money from a blind beggar (who was actually Robin Hood in disguise), or even taking the single farthing that was in the church's poor box and laughing as he did it. He excuses his corruption and cruelty by hypocritically claiming he's only doing his duty. Because of this, he is hated by the people of Nottingham, who often derisively refer to him as "Bushel-britches," referring to the Sheriff's rather obese physique.

Despite his constant attempts to capture Robin Hood, the Sheriff always fails. In addition, he is always fooled by Robin Hood's disguises, despite his claims to the contrary. However, he is not completely stupid, as, following Robin Hood's capture at the archery tournament, he was baffled by Prince John's unexpected claim that Robin should be released, and immediately grew suspicious of John's behavior. His suspicions were confirmed when he found Little John holding the prince hostage by sticking a dagger in his back.

The Sheriff commands a posse of archer wolves and has authority over Trigger and Nutsy.

Being bigger and heavier than Robin Hood, he physically overpowers him in a fight and Robin has to use his wits to escape him.

The Sheriff puts on a cheerful, friendly act, but is as callous as any Disney villain. He also speaks with a heavy Southern United States accent, which was contrasted with most of the characters who spoke in British accents.

Even if he follows Prince John's orders and claims to be faithful to the Crown, the Sheriff does not seem to hold a high opinion of the prince, since he happily sings "The Phony King of England" and even encourages Sir Hiss to do the same.

Physical appearance

The Sheriff is an obese gray wolf with yellow eyes, thick black eyebrows, a black nose and wears red sheriff's clothing, a hat with purple stripes and a feather, crimson shoes, puffy purple sleeves with magenta stripes, a gold star badge, and a brown necklace with a gold medallion around his neck.