Sharky and Sharko are a pair of anthropomorphic sharks and supporting antagonists from the animated series "Delfy and His Friends".

Physical Appearance

They are a pair of sharks that are dressed as pirates. Sharky has an eyepatch, a hook on one of his hands, and a red bandanna with white spots. Sharko has two hands, unlike his ally Sharky and carries a shotgun. He wears a brown hat under his bandanna. However, it has no spots, unlike his friend.

Background Information

As notorious as Captain Vinegar and his assistant Boing, Sharky and Sharko are notorious in trying to harm the seas underwater. They plan to get rid of the entire population of aquatic animals by eating them. However, their plans eventually fail. When they attempt to eat the animals, they always get thwarted. This is more of a combination of being a predator and trying to get rid of the population in more of being notorious invaders. This is because most of the animals act hostile to the antagonists who cause harm to the ocean. The most notable example is when they attempt to eat a baby whale, but get defeated by Delfy.

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