Shao Yen is one of the main characters of Master Raindrop. Her voice actress is Sarah Aubrey.


Shao Yen is a 12-year-old wood element. Her skin is brown and her hair is long and black. She wears a white shirt with a green bow and green pants. It has the ability to control wood and plants. She mostly fights with a stick.


When General Bu and Flamo visit the martial arts school, where Master Yun trains her and Raindrop. The Master is able to hide her apprentices in front of Bu, causing Bu to kidnap Master Yun, and then orders Flamo to burn the school, which he does immediately. Meanwhile, Raindrop and Shao Yen manage to escape and soon join the rest of the elements: Jin Hou and Niwa.

At some point she meets the Moon goddess, Cheng Er, who, due to Bu, lost her connection with the Moon and, consequently, her powers. The only way to repair this damage was with an arrow made with a magic flower from a Cheng Er's tree. But, to stop them from achieving success, Flamo burns the magic tree and kidnaps Raindrop, leaving Shao Yen who was just a normal human.

After a time, Shao Yen remembers that she owned one of the flowers of the tree and she used one of its petals to fix the problem with the Moon and returned the powers to Sheng Er. She fainted and the rest of the flower spontaneously self-submerged under the earth and replants the magical tree around Shao Yen, what turns her into wood, revealing her as the wood element.

She remains that way throughout the entire series, until she "sacrifices" herself to revive the Golden Dragon, who brings her and the other elements back because Master Yun was sad to lose his friends.


  • Wood Powers: Shao Yen is able to manipulate any trees around her, simply by touching them or using her stick to assist her.
    • Tree Conection: Shao Yen was able to connect with the trees several times. In "Loyalty", she seems to unconsciously know when moving trees would attack her. In "Caring", when the White Snake poisoned the forest, Shao Yen was poisoned too.
  • Fusion: He is able to fuse with the other elements to become the Golden Dragon. It's unknown if he still has that power after being permanently separated from Golden Dragon at the end of the series.
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