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Shane Walsh was the deuteragonist-turned-into main antagonist from season 1 to 2 in The Walking Dead. He was played by Jon Bernthal who also portrayed the Punisher.


Shane was Rick Grimes' police partner and best friend before the apocalypse and the outbreak. After believing his friend dead in the hospital, Shane made it his mission to protect his family Lori and Carl and he also became the leader of a group of survivors in Atlanta. After which, he fell in love with Lori and began sex with her until Rick came to the survivor camp. From that moment, Lori pushes Shane away believing that he lied about Rick and he remains in the shadow of his friend who reunites with his family and becomes the new leader for the survivors.

Desperate, Shane slowly grows jealous and out of control and even tries to rape Lori at the CDC. He reaches the point of no return when he sacrifices Otis on a risky mission to save Carl from being shot by the said hunter. Shane will also shave his head to hide the wounds from his struggle with Otis. Tensions between him and Rick as well as with Dale mount more and more and Shane is more than willing to employ extreme methods for the survival of the group. His obsession with Lori also grows and he insists that the baby she is expecting is his.

After Rick brings Randall Culver back to the farm, Shane goes crazy and murders the teenager in the forest. He then orchestrates a plan by pretending Randall's escape so he can drag Rick into the woods and kill him. In the final showdown, a delusional Shane claims he'll be a better leader and parent than Rick and orders his old friend to raise his gun. Rick distracted him enough to stab Shane, killing him while blaming him for forcing him to resort to this. Soon after, Shane revives as Walker and is shot to the head by Carl.