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Scroop is the secondary antagonist of the Disney 2002 animated film Treasure Planet. He is a crab-like spider-like extraterrestrial who was a member of John Silver's crew. Like Silver, he wanted the treasure as well.


  • If he ever appears in Kingdom Hearts,he mostly will appear as the main antagonist of the Treasure Planet world due to the fact that John Silver reformed.
  • He is similiar to Scar as both antagonists reveal their true natures to their victims (Mr. Arrow and Mufasa), and blame their deaths on the protagonists (Jim and Simba). Both also meet a similar fate at the hands of the protagonists later on.
  • Scroop was originally going to be a bloody killer; however, in the the film he is a violent crewmember.
  • Scroop is viewed as the main due that He is Classfied as Villain and That John Silver is consindered a anti hero by fans and he battled Jim,Like Other Main Disney Villains.
  • Scroop is the Only Villain to rise to his presumed death.